Sam Goldwyn

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fouraparka-SMShipman explains in her autobiography, The Silent Screen & My Talking Heart: "I was summoned to the office of Mr. Goldfish, not yet turned Goldwyn, and offered a seven-year contract. ... Cheekily, I turned down the offer. Probably as silly a move as a neophyte ever made. But I did not like the way they dressed their contract players.

This was in the period of curly blondes with Cupid's-bow mouths; and Wardrobe's main idea was to bind down a bosom with a swatch of shiny material which met yards of floaty gauze at the waistline and looked like a flowery penwiper.

This long-legged, lanky, outdoors gal, who usually loped across the Silver Screen in fur parkas and mukluks, simply gagged at such costuming."

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