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threeentrance2Nell changed residences frequently throughout her life, but she retained vivid memories of the Victorian house, which she often mentions in her autobiography (written in 1968 at the age of 76). She describes it as "a little, white, fancifully-fretted, balconied and gee-gawed house on a tree-lined, narrow, dirt road in Glendale known as Wilson." She mentions "the old-fashioned, colored-glass front door" and "the quaint doorway."

The furnishings in the museum date primarily between 1890 to 1902. Among the antiques are a few items from the doctors' families, but nothing in the collection is from the Shipman family. Nevertheless, the decor is similar to that of the Shipmans'. Nell writes that the house was "crammed mid-Victorian fashion" with furniture, linen, books, pictures, and china that her mother had brought decades ago from her native England to Canada and later to the U.S.

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