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Home Energy Reports

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Learn about your home's energy use, see how you compare to nearby homes similar in size and learn ways to save money.

Access your Home Energy Report.

Through Glendale Water & Power’s Home Energy Reports Program, our customers receive a quarterly report that provides information to help them understand their home's energy usage and find smart ways to make their home more efficient. Most people are eager to make their home more efficient in order to save money, but they're not always sure how or where to start. The Home Energy Reports program is designed to provide you more information about your energy use with easy and helpful tips to help you so you can make informed choices and save money. Currently our customers are saving an average of 4% on their GWP bills each year as a result of these reports.

We provide energy-saving tips not only through the reports, but also through our Energy Insider website. If you don't find this program useful, give us a call at 855-550-4497 and we can remove you from the program.

How the Home Energy Report Works

What is in the report?

Home Energy Reports are designed to provide new information to help you understand your home's energy usage and find smart ways to make your home more efficient. Each report will provide you with new information including:

  • Information on your home's energy use: For the first time, you'll be able to see your home's energy use in the context of the energy use of 100 anonymous nearby homes that are similar in size.
  • Progress tracking: You'll also see how your home's energy use changes over time and across seasons.
  • Ideas on Energy Efficiency: On each report, you can find ways to save energy, including information on the rebates and other special programs we offer.

How do I interpret the graphs in the report?

  • Front Page: Each graph shows your energy use (gray bar/line), the average use of all selected neighbors (blue bar/line), and the average use of the most efficient neighbors (green bar/line). You can see if your energy use is more or less than your neighbors' energy use for the current period, and also for the last 12 months.
  • Back Page: Bars compare total energy use for the year to-date versus the same period last year.

How do you determine the size of my home and why might the square footage be different from what I'd expect?

The square footage of your home that we use in the Home Energy Report is based on data that is collected from your county assessor's office about your home.

How do you calculate the cost or savings in the report?

The 12 month cost or savings is approximately how much more or less you will pay for energy if your energy use and patterns change to match your neighbors. The cost calculations are made using today's current energy rates.

Your Personal Information/Comparison

We only use your information to provide useful insights about your energy use. Your information is compiled anonymously and not shared with any of your neighbors. Only you can see your personal data.

  • Each report will compare a recipient's energy usage against 100 anonymous customers who live in similarly-sized homes that are close in proximity. Homes are chosen based upon a defined set of characteristics, including similar energy needs, home size and heating source.
  • The neighbor comparison feature is designed to maintain 100% privacy. The data is always presented in aggregate; the report only shows an average of 100 anonymous customers.
  • Only the customer's own detailed energy information is included in the reports. Customers only see the energy comparison representing the average of 100 anonymous neighbors.
  • Glendale Water & Power does not have access to customer's reports and does not see customer's progress or comparisons.
  • Customers that do not want to receive the reports can simply opt out of the program. (To date, less than 2% of customers have chosen to opt out.)

To date this program has helped GWP customers to save over 5,787,000 kWh of electricity. All customers now have access to this program online at www.GlendaleWaterandPower.com/energyreports, including access to over 100 ideas and tips on how to save money and conserve.

We welcome your feedback, please contact us at energyreports@glendalewaterandpower.com with your positive comments or suggestions for improvement. To access your report, www.GlendaleWaterAndPower.com/energyreports/.