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Helping Hand Payment Assistance

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Helping Hand

GWP bill payment or deposit assistance for low-income customers.

What is the Helping Hand Program?

The Helping Hand Program assists eligible low-income customers who are experiencing a temporary financial emergency and having trouble paying for their utility services providing up to $150 towards a bill payment or deposit.

In order to receive Helping Hand assistance you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a GWP residential low-income customer with an open account on or before April 1, 2020 (Not required for deposit assistance).
  • Service must be connected and have received notice of delinquent payment. You must have a balance on your account.
  • Must have one or more of the documented temporary financial emergencies listed below. Customers must be able to provide documentation of the stated emergency. This documentation has to verify that costs to the customer exceed the cost of their GWP bill or deposit, and must have occurred within the previous 2 months from the date of application.
    • Unexpected medical, medical supply, and/or pharmaceutical expenses - customers must provide receipt(s) for doctor’s visit, hospital stay, prescriptions or medical supplies.
    • There has been a death in family – customers must provide a copy of the death certificate.
    • Unemployment – this includes being laid off, furloughed, experiencing a reduction of hours, or being terminated. Customers must provide proof of termination, copy of unemployment award letter, or paycheck stubs that show reduced hours.  Self-employed customers and/or customer’s not otherwise eligible for unemployment insurance must provide signed statement documenting lost income.
  • Customers are required to submit supporting documentation within 30 days to maintain eligibility.
  • Starting April 1, 2020, customers may only receive Helping Hand assistance once in any 12 month period from date of application approval.
  • Customers that fail to pay their bill in full, fail to provide supporting documentation, are found to be ineligible, or who have submitted false information will be removed from the program and any benefits received will be charged on the next bill.
Generally, applicants must have a total gross household income at or below income eligibility guidelines listed below or provide similar proof of low-income status such as enrollment in GWP Senior Care or Glendale Care Program, Section 8, or letter of certification from a local community-based organization.  In cases of recent unemployment or self-employed suffering recent lost income, household income eligibility will be determined based on current/projected adjusted gross income for the coming year, i.e., last year’s adjusted gross income for tax purposes less lost income from recent unemployment, reduction in work hours, and/or other lost income from self-employment.


Income Eligibility Requirements

Household Size Annual Income Eligibility Limit
1-2 $33,820
3 $42,660
4 $51,500
5 $60,340
6 $69,180
7 $78,120
8 $86,860
Each Additional Person $8,840

Click on the following link to register for GWP's Application Portal. Once you have registered, select the Low-Income Helping Hand Program, and click Start New Application.

Click here to apply online for the Helping Hand Program

This program may be modified or terminated without prior notice and is provided to qualified customers on a first-come, first-served basis until program funds are no longer available.