Welcome to the Urban Design & Mobility Division!

The Urban Design & Mobility Division combines design review, historic preservation and comprehensive planning with mobility policies and programs under the umbrella of urban design to promote a diverse range of transportation choices and excellent architecture which integrate into vibrant, well-designed public environments that reflects community values, heritage and progressive design practices.

Red SwirlThe Design & Preservation Section establishes a framework for development, growth & prosperity in the City without erasing its heritage. Staff create & enforce the City’s design policies, guidelines and historic preservation programs. They provide design advice to applicants, City Departments, Boards/Commissions and City Council.

Blue SwirlThe Mobility & Transit Section provides an efficient and safe transportation system for residents, businesses & visitors. Staff promotes walking, bicycling, transit & automobile travel equally by designing integrated multi-modal transportation systems and operating various local transit services.

Green SwirlThe Civic Engagement Team uses a variety of tools & participatory design techniques to engage the community in guiding the future of Glendale. By operating “hands-on” programs in partnership with local schools, businesses and volunteers the Engagement Team fosters civic pride & responsibility through community engagement.