Zero Waste Glendale

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Zero Waste

Let's All Do Our Part!

It's the City’s goal to achieve 75% waste diversion by the year 2020 and 90% diversion by 2030. In 2015, the City of Glendale had a 57% diversion rate. State laws are changing, and the definition of diversion is consistently being narrowed as the State increases the materials that must be recycled. 

Let’s help Glendale move a bit closer towards reducing waste in our everyday activities and special events!



What is Zero Waste?

Zero Waste focuses on waste prevention by recycling or reusing resources that you may have. The goal of Zero Waste is for everything to be continually used and reused so that there is no waste. 

What does Zero Waste do?

  • Maximizes recycling and composting
  • Encourages full life-cycle analysis and thinking about purchase decision before making them. 
  • Treats previously unwanted materials as a resource that can be utilized.
  • Teaches that waste is NOT inevitable.

View Glendale's 2011 Zero Waste plan here.



What can you do?

Donate reusable items

  • If you have items that are usable, please visit Earth911 for a complete list of charities near you that offer pick up services and the items that they accept. 
  • Donate used books to the library.  
  • Donate leftover food to a food bank like the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

Volunteer with Integrated Waste Management

Become an environmental volunteer: Indicate how you would like to help and when you are available. Email Regina Wheeler, Recycling Coordinator. Potential volunteer activities include:

  • Speak to community & youth groups and school groups
  • Help at events
  • Volunteer at the Integrated Waste Management Office to build outreach efforts