SB1: Road Repair and Accountability Act

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Rebuilding California SB1

SB1: The Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017

SB1, passed last year by the California Legislature, is a landmark infrastructure funding package that will bring over $50 billion throughout the next decade to California for road repairs and other forms of transportation investment. The City of Glendale has gotten to work on putting this new funding to good use to make our community's infrastructure safer for everyone. Our first SB1 funded project, the Doran Street and Adjacent Streets Rehabilitation Project, broke ground in April! Two more SB1 projects are coming for Fiscal Year 2018-2019:

Understanding our main roadways are necessary to lead us home, for Fiscal Years 2020 and beyond, SB1 funding will be used to further treat other principal and major arterial streets as well as main collector roadways and local residential streets throughout the City of Glendale. View the City Council resolution approving our 2018-2019 SB1 projects here, and learn more about our current SB1 projects and those that are in the pipeline below!




Doran St. and Adjacent Streets Rehabilitation Project

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With SB1 funding first coming to Glendale late last fall, the Public Works Department has quickly put it to use. Our first project using SB1 funding is the Doran Street and Adjacent Streets Rehabilitation Project, taking place on Doran St. between Adams St. and Brand Blvd. The project involves the following work:

  • Selective removal and construction of deteriorated pavement;
  • Surface grinding and placement of ARAM and ARHM over Asphalt Concrete Pavement (Leveling Course);
  • Selective reconstruction of concrete curb and gutters, cross gutters, driveway aprons, and sidewalks;
  • Construction of Portland Cement Concrete ADA curb ramps;
  • Installation of striping and other pavement markings; and 
  • Traffic Signal Upgrade at the intersections of Doran St. and Maryland Ave., Louise St., and Jackson St.;
  • Installation of a new traffic signal at the intersection of Doran St. and Geneva St. through Balboa Ave.

Below view before and construction photos of the project, as well as a detailed project map:


At left: Doran St. and Howard St. intersection in November 2017. Deteriorated pavement and curbs evident. This is the site of current work on this project (May 2018).



At right: Doran St. and Balboa Ave./GenevaSt. intersection (adjacent to R.D. White Elementary) in January 2018. Deteriorated pavement, curbs, and crosswalks shown. This will be the site of a new traffic signal to make travel safer in the area for children and families.


Project Map

Doran Map

Highland Avenue Rehabilitation Project

This project includes road rehabilitation work on Highland Avenue between San Fernando Road and Kenneth Road. Currently, this project is in design and slated for construction in the next Fiscal Year. The project will contribute to our efforts to use SB1 funding to make our roads safer for residents, reduce future road and vehicle maintenance costs, and bring our street conditions from good to great. Below are some photos of the project area in its current state:

Highland Avenue at San Fernando Road





Highland Avenue at Glenoaks Boulevard





San Fernando Road Rehabilitation Project, Phase 3

Part of our continuous efforts to maintain San Fernando Road, a vital regional arterial road, this project consists of street improvements on San Fernando Road between Pacific Avenue and Elk Avenue. View photos below of the project area, and check back here on the progress of our SB1 projects towards completion!

San Fernando Road, South of Elk Avenue

San Fernando Road 1

San Fernando Road at Riverdale Drive


San Fernando Road 2