Glendale-Los Angeles Garden River Bridge Project (Glendale Narrows Riverwalk, Phase III)

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Glendale-Los Angeles Garden River Bridge Project (The Glendale Narrows Riverwalk Project – Phase III)

The Glendale Narrows Riverwalk runs along the north bank of the Los Angeles River opposite Griffith Park from Bette Davis Park past DreamWorks Studios to the 134 Freeway.  With the completion of Phase III, the Riverwalk will provide approximately 1 mile of trails for bicyclists and pedestrians that will include parks, rest areas, river overlooks, an equestrian facility, interpretive signage, a public art project, and a bridge connecting Riverwalk to Griffith Park and/or North Atwater.  Initially opened to the public in 2012, there is currently a mile of recreational trail, two parks, public art installations and an equestrian facility. 

The Garden River Bridge consists of a two-span curvilinear structure with two canopied seating areas. The seating areas and views of the river offer a continuation of the parks on the Glendale and Los Angeles sides of the river, with the canopies providing shading and space to enjoy the river environment. It is possible to have solar paneling or planting over the canopies. Lighting will be incorporated to enhance the user experience and make the structure a landmark viewed from the parks or the adjacent freeways.

The Garden River Bridge will be an extension of the Riverwalk parks and provide a space for users on the bridge to enjoy the river. Two planted seating areas in large overlook areas are featured, offering views of the river. The curves in the bridge add to this experience.

The Glendale-Los Angeles Garden River Bridge project will be funded by Proposition “C”, Measure R Sub-Regional Highway, and Proposition 68.

Project Location:

Project Schedule:

Project Approval and Environmental Documents:
Agency Coordination December 2019
Submit Final Property Data Sheet and Assessor's Parcel Map to State December 2019
Submit Adequate Site Control and Land Tenure Documents to State December 2019
Submit Operation and Maintenance Agreement Between City of Glendale and City of Los Angeles December 2019
Submit Project Permit/Approval Status Document to State December 2019
Preliminary Design December 2019
RFP for Environmental Consultant July 2019-October 2019
Environmental Consultant Preliminary Report November 2019-November2020
Environmental Clearance December 2020- April 2021
Submit Final CEQA Documents to State May 2021


Riverwalk Photos:

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Community Meetings:

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  • Public Works Engineering Division: (818) 548-3945
  • Public Works Project Manager: Sarkis Oganesyan, Email