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  • Are the Multi-Space meters accessible to people with disabilities?

  • Can I be arrested if I do not pay my parking citation(s)?

  • Can my car get towed if I do not pay for my parking citations?

  • Do I have to put my receipt on my dash after I pay for the Multi-Space meter?

  • How do I handle a City of Glendale correctable parking citation (C.V.C. 5200 and 5204)?

  • How do the Multi-Space parking meters work?

  • I need information about posting no parking signs on private property to detour unauthorized parking.

  • I paid for my parking citation(s) at the City of Glendale, why do they still show outstanding at DMV?

  • I parked in a disabled space and forgot to hang my Disabled Placard. Do I still have to pay the citation?

  • I sold this car. Why am I still getting citations in the mail?

  • Is my credit card data safe if I use it at one of the Multi-Space parking meters?

  • May I get a payment extension on my parking citation?

  • My registration is expired, can my car get towed?

  • What are Multi-Space Parking Meters?

  • What happens if the Multi-Space meter does not work?

  • Where can I find free convenient parking?