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Composting is Nature's way of recycling and decomposing organic matter into a dark, rich soil amendment that provides nutrients to plants and reduces their water requirements.

2020 Composting Workshops

Glendale residents and business owners may attend a workshop and, for a small fee, purchase a backyard compost and/or worm bin. Preregistration is required for all workshops. Complete an online registration form, providing name(s) and address for participants, and e-mail form to to pre-register. Participants must pre-register seven calendar days prior to the event.

  • Saturday, February 29:      9:30 - 11:00 AM* Completed!
  • Saturday, August 1:               9:30 - 11:00 AM 
  • Saturday, October 3:          9:30 - 11:00 AM

Each Glendale household may buy one discounted Soilsaver Classic Composter (and pitchfork) for $35.00 and/or a worm bin for $25.00. Compost bins are only available for purchase on workshop days. 

*County workshops also teach water efficient landscape techniques.


Types of Bins

Two types of bins are available from the City of Glendale:

Soilsaver Classic Composter

The Soilsaver Classic Composter creates rich compost when organic material is added to the top of the bin. Finished compost is retrieved from the two bottom doors. A pitchfork can be used to mix materials and speed up the decomposition process. Bin air slots allow for the flow of oxygen through the sides. Bin dimensions are 28"Wx28"Dx32"H. Upon attending a compost workshop, SoilSavers are available to Glendale residents at a discounted price of $35 along with a pitchfork for aerating the compost.

Wriggly Wranch 2 Tier Composting Bin

The Wriggley Wranch Bin measures 16" x 16" x 20" and weighs approximately 15 pounds. It should be kept indoors. While bedding material comes with the bin, worms are not provided and can be obtained from worm suppliers (usually $12-$35 for one pound, or ask someone with a worm bin for some of their worms). Upon attending a compost workshop, this worm bin is available at a discounted price of $25 along with a list of all local worm suppliers.


Worm bins and soil savers are free to Glendale Teachers for their classrooms. Email requests to