Permitted Haulers

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For a current list of permitted haulers in the City of Glendale click here.


Solid Waste Collectors who plan to operate in Glendale must apply for an Annual Solid Waste Services Permit. Permits are valid for the fiscal year.

Application Fee

Effective July 5, 2018, the fee for new or renewing Private Hauler permits will be $1,334.

Assembly Bill 939 Fees

All solid waste service providers must pay the City of Glendale 20 percent (20%) of their gross receipts (including any pass-through fees collected pursuant to AB 939) for waste collected in Glendale. Solid Waste Providers must file quarterly reports even if no tonnage is hauled within the City of Glendale during that quarter and are required to submit an AB 939 quarterly reporting form. All non-compliant AB 939 quarterly reporting forms will be returned for corrections.

Reporting Requirements

Permitted Haulers must provide required AB 341 and AB1826 customer information (described below) to the City, and must send the city a copy of any educational flyers or brochures that have been distributed to their customers to document these legislative requirements. Your submittal must be received at the time of application in order to receive a valid permit for each of your vehicles.

Required Customer Reporting to the City

  • Identification activities – Describe how you determined which of your customers were producing 4 or more cubic yards of organics material on a weekly basis, and which were not.
  • Provide the required business identification information for those businesses which produce 4 cubic yards or more of organics waste on a weekly basis, AND indicate whether each of them is or is not recycling organics waste as of May 2016.
  • Provide the required contact information for every business customer that produces 4 cubic yards or more of organic waste on a weekly basis but has not made arrangements to have their organics recycled as of May 2016.
  • Education and outreach – List the things you have done to make your customers aware of their responsibility to comply with the new mandatory commercial recycling requirements.  Provide copies of any letters or flyers you have sent to inform your customers.
  • Indicate where you will be taking the organic waste material you collect for processing.