Before Project

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Determine Estimated Project Debris

  1. Use the project type to determine waste generated.
    • Demolition (typical): 40lbs/ft2
    • Commercial Construction: 4.7 lbs/ft2
    • Commercial Construction-Tenant Improvement: 4.6lbs/ft2
    • New Multifamily Residential Construction: 11.5lbs/ft2
    • New Residential Construction (Single-Family): 8.5lbs/ft2
    • Wood Only (deck construction): 2lbs/ft2
  2. Determine the project’s estimated debris, multiply by the appropriate waste generated amount above by the project’s square footage.
  3. Multiply the estimated debris by .65 to determine the required pounds of diversion.
  4. Divide by 2,000 to determine tons of debris.
 Project Type             
 Project Square Footage  
 Project Estimated Debris (lbs)  
 Multiply lbs by .65  

This is the number of pounds that must be diverted to be eligible for a full refund. To determine tonnage, divide this number by 2,000.

Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan - Before Construction

  • Demonstrate how the project will achieve the required diversion onsite.
  • Refer to the City of Los Angeles website for certified mixed debris recycling facility rates
Material Type A. Estimated Total Debris Quantity B. Estimated Diversion - At least 65% of A C. Estimated Disposal (Trash) - No More than 35% of A Hauler Certified Recycling Facility or Disposal Destination Facility Certified Diversion Rate
Asphalt & Concrete            
Cabinets, “Doors, Fixtures, Windows (Circle applicable)            
Carpet, Padding/Foam            
Ceiling Tile (acoustic)            
Landscape Debris            
Mixed C & D Debris            
Mixed Inerts            
Roofing Materials            
Scrap Metal            
Universal Waste            
Unpainted Wood & Pallets            

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