Multi-Family Recycling & Trash

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In-Unit Recycling Tote Programtote bag

In May 2016, the City of Glendale launched an In-Unit Recycling Tote program to make recycling easy and efficient for residents in multi-family apartment buildings. The program was funded by a State CalRecycle grant to increase recycling awareness and to decrease recycling contamination at the Recycling Center.

Each unit received a tote that lists acceptable recycling materials to make recycling easy and convenient. The bags will help tenants carry recyclables from inside of each apartment to outdoor recycling containers.

Qualifications for the program

Multi-family properties serviced by the Integrated Waste Management Division that have recycling service are eligible. The City will provide one recycling tote per unit.

When a tenant moves out, they are asked to leave the recycling tote in the unit for the next tenant.

How It Works

1. The property owners signs a postcard providing permission for the property to participate in the program.  The property manager puts up common area posters in laundry rooms and/or mail rooms.

2. About a month before bag delivery, participating tenants will receive a door hanger letting them know the tote bag is coming. 

3. The LA Conservation Corps will deliver the tote bags to each participating unit. The tote bag will have inserts that provide recycling and bag use information.   See the bag inserts here

4. Tenants begin using the tote bag! 

Property owners must give the City permission to go on each property. If a tenant does not wish to use the bag, staff suggests 1) the bag be folded and left under the sink for the next tenant or 2) the tenant provide the recycling tote bag to a friend or neighbor for recyclables collection.  

Enrolling & Replacing 

If you would like to enroll in the program or need to replace a broken or missing bag, please fill out the Recycling Tote Bag Request Form.


Recycling Service

Any residential building in Glendale with 5 or more units serviced by the City can receive free curbside recycling services. Upon request, City staff will evaluate your recycling needs with building management to locate space to store containers. Containers must be brought to the curb on collection day.


*All multi-family buildings of 5 or more units must be in compliance with Mandatory Commercial Recycling regulations.


Trash Service

To begin new service contact the Integrated Waste Management office for information on rates, bin size and collection days. 


For more information on collection service see our Guidelines for Automated Recycling, Yard Trimmings and Trash Service.

To request recycling or trash service please contact Integrated Waste Management at 818-548-3916.