Commercial Recycling & Trash

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triangle_recycle copyRecycling Pays! A business can usually save money by either reducing their refuse container size or the frequency of collection. A business may also be able to sell recyclables at the Glendale's Recycling Center, or consider the offers from other businesses on the State Materials Exchange or the Los Angeles County Materials Exchanges. Some businesses also have the option of being paid by recyclers to collect their recyclables (cardboard, paper, etc.). The CAL Recycle website and Los Angeles County DPW website have resources on additional ways to reduce overall waste.

Recycling conserves natural resources, landfill space, and reduces air and water pollution. The City of Glendale has a free, user-friendly business recycling program for Integrated Waste Management customers. Any business can also request one or more green automated recycling containers for the weekly curbside collection of yard trimmings.

Commercial businesses must be in compliance with Mandatory Commercial Recycling and Mandatory Organics Recycling.

For bin rates & information on what best fits your businesses needs contact IWM.

To request recycling service or for any recycling questions or comments, please call the Integrated Waste Management Division at (818) 548-3916. For information on the prices paid and hours of the Glendale Recycling Center, call (818) 552-2870.