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As part of our Indigenous Tree Program, preservation of the indigenous trees in the community requires favorable conditions before, during and after site development. A well thought-out site plan is vital to the success of your project. Discussion and disclosure early on may contribute to a beneficial outcome and make the process efficient for all parties involved. Preliminary plans can often help the applicant communicate with city representatives their objectives and goals for their private property enjoyment that will be consistent with the public interest, health and welfare. It is our goal to guide you through this process as efficiently as possible and the completeness of your initial submittal will help us determine your next steps.

Every project is unique, however, when applicable, a preliminary site plan may be submitted for initial review by Forestry section. Requirements for a preliminary site plan review will include:

  • One (1) site plan, at no less than 1/8” scale with:
    • Location, type, size and dripline of existing indigenous trees on the site and within 20 feet of the site on adjoining properties. (Please Note: Hillside locations will have special findings that may require additional information).
    • Location of proposed and existing development in relation to tree locations, including relative distances from development to tree trunk(s).
    • Color photographs of site, including all indigenous trees to be encroached upon. Project Data: total square footage of existing and proposed building(s); footage of any balconies, covered patios and accessory buildings (if applicable); total square footage of property; finished height of structures that include all vertical relationships to existing canopies.
    • General description or statement concerning proposed grading and/or drainage information for the site.
    • Any proposed or future above or below ground improvements (walls and/or fencing that may require excavated footings, sewer lines, driveways).
    • General description or statement concerning proposed landscaping. Please include possible landscape features such as lighting, irrigation, fountains, fireplaces, BBQ’s. All landscape work within the Tree Protection Zone (currently defined as drip line plus one foot) must be compatible with indigenous tree requirements.
    • All contact information, including email address, if possible and best time to contact applicant.
  • Plans submitted electronically must be printable in their entirety at no larger than 11” by 17”.
  • Please allow a maximum of fourteen days for review and comment. Please submit your preliminary site review information to:

    Jeremy Cawn, Arborist Technician
    Tel. (818) 548-3950
    Fax (818) 547-0637
    Public Works Department, Forestry Section