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List of Protected Trees

Coast Live Oak ValleyOak_100px Valley Oak
MesaOak_100px Mesa Oak ScrubOak_100px Scrub Oak
CaliforniaSycamore_100px California Sycamore CaliforniaBay_100px California Bay

Tree Report Guidelines

Projects in the City of Glendale that result in encroachment on protected trees will require submission of an Indigenous Tree Report (ITR)

Preliminary Site Plan Requirements

A well thought-out site plan is vital to the success of your project. Discussion and disclosure early on may contribute to a beneficial outcome and make the process efficient for all parties involved. 

Indigenous Tree Program

Click here for a quick and thorough overview of all you need to know about our program.

Find a Tree Care Professional

Learn more about tree care contractors, consulting arborists and pest and disease control.

Glendale Municipal Code 12.44 Indigenous Trees