Indigenous (Protected) Tree Program

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Since 1982, native trees growing within the City of Glendale limits have been under the protections established in the Indigenous Tree Ordinance. The ordinance protects indigenous trees by requiring an indigenous tree permit for work that is performed on a protected tree or through the review of site plans when construction is proposed near protected trees. 

If you are interested in trimming, removing, or relocating a protected tree please complete an Indigenous Tree Permit application. Download the permit application or contact the Permit Services Center.

Please note that all permitted tree work must be completed by a State licensed contractor. The City maintains a courtesy list of local arborists.

If you are interested in having your site plans reviewed, have questions regarding the Indigenous Tree Ordinance, the permit application process, or would like help identifying whether a tree on your property is a protected species please contact the City's Arborist Technician. Call (818) 550-3402 or email

Please follow the links below for more information about the tree species that are protected by the Ordinance.