Parkway Landscaping Ordinance

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parkway ordinance     In the City of Glendale, property owners are required to obtain a Parkway  Landscaping Permit in order to install any living plant materials over 6 inches in  height or any non-living materials in the parkway. The parkway is the landscaped  area in the public right-of-way that lies along the street curb.

     No permit is required to replace a grass parkway with California friendly drought  tolerant plantings less than 6 inches in height. If living material over 6 inches in  height or any non-living materials are included such as pavers, rocks or  decomposed granite, then a permit is required.

     Since the parkway is public right-of-way and must be easily and safely traversed  by all people, the City has established guidelines in the Glendale Municipal Code  (GMC  12.48) for residents and business owners who wish to modify this area must  follow. Please note that living plant material must cover at least 50% of the parkway area.


The following materials are prohibited in the parkway:

  • Non-living materials more than 6 inches in height;
  • Plant material that contains needles, spines, stickers, thorns or poisonous to touch plants;
  • Plants that bear  fruits or vegetables;
  • Gravel, small loose rock and/or wood chips (mulch on the base of a street tree is acceptable);
  • Ivy or other dense ground covers;
  • Artificial turf; and
  • Any item that obstructs vision, creates a traffic hazard, blocks a fire hydrant and/or blocks the safe passage of pedestrians.

For more information on parkway regulations or the permitting process, please contact the Public Works Engineering office at (818) 548-3945.