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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • Can we get speed bumps put in our street?

  • Does the City notify residents before they start work in front of their house?

  • How do I report a street light out or a traffic signal light malfunction?

  • How does the City determine when a street is repaved?

  • I called to have my sidewalk repaired and now there’s a black asphalt patch there. Why didn’t the City remove the broken sidewalk and replace it with fresh concrete?

  • I called to have my sidewalk repaired and now there's a black asphalt patch there. Why didn't the City fix it with fresh concrete?

  • If construction is scheduled on a trash collection day, do we still put out our trash containers?

  • If work is being done outside my driveway, how will I get in and out?

  • Somebody knocked on my door and offered to repaint the address numbers on my curb. Is this legal?

  • There is a constant accumulation of water in the curb and gutter in front of my residence. Who can I contact to address this issue?

  • What hours is construction permissible?

  • What is slurry seal?

  • What is the City doing to make Glendale safer for pedestrians?

  • Why doesn't construction take place on evenings and weekends?