Edward G. Hitti, P.E.
Assistant Director of Public Works/City Engineer

The Engineering Division is responsible for planning, design and construction management of Capital Improvement Projects related to the City’s streets, sidewalks, traffic signals, curbs and gutters, sewers, storm drains, corrugated metal pipes and slopes. Staff provides survey, design, construction inspection and land development services.

The Engineering Division consists of:

Civil Engineering: Maintains official public records such as maps, property records and property acquisition documentation, and street vacations. It also maintains and updates the City's Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Traffic Engineering: Responsible for operation, design, and construction related to the Capital Improvement Program, transportation demand forecasting, and managing transportation grant funding. The Section also conducts traffic impact studies for citywide projects, issues Street Use Permit, and manages the Neighborhood Traffic Calming and the School Crossing Guard Programs.

Land Development: The Land Development Section reviews and processes various permits and maps including grading permits, parcel and tract maps, and encroachment permits.

Wastewater Rate Increase: 

Resolution No. 18-108: Beginning with FY 18-19, the City Council has approved for the wastewater rates to be increased for the next 4 fiscal years. 

Cost of the Service Analysis (COSA) Report for proposed increase in wastewater rates.

Proposition 218 Notification of proposed increase in wastewater rates. 


Parking: The Parking Section responsible for the operation of the Glendale Transportation Center, four City owned parking structures, 20 parking lots, pay meter stations and the administration of Preferential Parking Program.

Railroad Quiet Zone Coming to Glendale!


Through the great team effort of Public Works staff,a railroad quiet zone will be coming to Glendale towards the end of this month!