Meeting Date: Thursday, July 25, 2019

Time: 6:30 P.M.

Location: Brand Library Recital Hall, 1601 West Mountain Street, Glendale, CA 91201

Scope/Description of Work

Installation of Parking Restrictions and Red Curbs on Brockmont Drive between Cumberland Road and Parkridge Drive. Pursuant to requests that the City received from a Brockmont Drive resident and the Glendale Fire Department to improve passing clearance and accessibility for Fire and Medical emergency response vehicles, the City proposes to prohibit on-street parking at six locations on Brockmont Drive, as shown on the exhibit below. 

The project will also include: (1) the installation of a red curb zone at an existing fire hydrant location between 431/433 Brockmont Drive; and (2) notifications to property owners to trim landscaping that has grown into the public right-of-way.

Construction Schedule 

Summer of 2019

Traffic Impacts

During Construction, traffic will not be impacted.  However, on-street parking will be restricted in front of the proposed red curbs.

Project Location

Brockmont Drive between Cumberland Road and Parkridge Drive.

Brockmont Drive between Cumberland Road and Parkridge Drive

Contact Information

  • Public Works Engineering, (818) 548-3945
  • Traffic Engineering Project Manager, Tommy Chow Email

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Meeting Date: Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Time: 6:00 P.M. or as soon thereafter as possible

Location: Room 105 of the Municipal Services Building, 633 East Broadway, Glendale

Proposed Locations

BURBK_009 1150 Virginia Ave
BURBK_010 601 Glenwood Rd
700 Glenwood Rd 
574 W. Dryden St
1136 N. Columbus Ave
1624 Ridgeway Dr
BURBK_015 1741 N. Pacific Ave 
BURBK_021 1601 Victory Blvd
BURBK_022 400 Paula Ave
BURBK_024 611 N. Brand Blvd 
BURBK_026 283 Maryland Pl
BURBK_028 4844 San Fernando Rd
BURBK_030 469 California Ave
BURBK_033 457 W. Elk Ave
BURBK_034 4506 San Fernando Rd
BURBK_036 400 W. Harvard St
BURBK_037 4101 San Fernando Ave
BURBK_041 327 S. Madison Way 
BURBK_043 3903 San Fernando Rd 
GLND2_001 121 W. Lexington Drive
GLND2_002 333 S. Central Ave
GLND2_003 1418 E. Maple St
GLND2_007 412 N. Kenilworth Ave 


Description of Work

AT&T Mobility, a state regulated public utility, has requested to install a low-profile and low-power small cell wireless facility, in the public right of way adjacent to above locations.  The installation consists of remote radio units, disconnect switch inside concealment shroud, mounted fuse splice box and antenna.

Code Requires

  1. Approval of a wireless telecommunication facility encroachment permit is required for this location.
  2. Wireless telecommunication facility encroachment permit applications proposed to be located in non-preferred zones or historic districts, the director of public works shall hold a public meeting, for the purpose of receiving public comments regarding considerations related to the time, place and manner of such a facility.  

Applicant's Proposal

AT&T Mobility is submitting applications for new nodes which are low-profile and low-power small cell wireless facilities in accordance with The City of Glendale Municipal code, ordinances and regulations.  The proposed installation consists of a of four (4) 7.87" x 7.87" x 3.94" remote radio units (RRU), one (1) 8.58" x 5.06" x 10.08" disconnect switch, one (1) 12” x 14” x 6” fuse splice box, and one (1) 24.9" x 10" antenna attached to AT&T fiber strand on utility pole.

Environmental Review


Contact Information

  • Gary Edsall Email (
  • Phone Number: (818) 937-8226

Anyone interested in the above case may appear at the hearing and voice an opinion (either in person or by counsel, or both) or file a written statement with the case planner.