Project Lifesaver

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The Glendale Police Department has partnered with Project Lifesaver to provide assistance with quickly locating “at risk” individuals with cognitive disorders who are at constant risk to the life threatening behavior of wandering, including those with Alzheimer’s disease, Autism and Down syndrome. Project Lifesaver has over 1,600 participating agencies throughout 50 states in the United States, Canada and Australia, and has performed over 3,000 searches over the last 15 years with no serious injuries or fatalities ever reported.

The participants in the program are equipped with a wrist or ankle band that contains a battery operated transmitter with a designated frequency that can be picked up and tracked by the Glendale Police Department in the event a participant goes missing or wanders off.

Project Lifesaver has provided in-depth training to Glendale Police Officers on the use of the specialized electronic search and rescue equipment, as well as teaching rescuers how to communicate with individuals afflicted with cognitive conditions, all of which are essential to the successful rescue of missing persons who wander or otherwise become lost.

Requirements for Participation

  • The client must be a resident of the City of Glendale.
  • The client must have a legally responsible caregiver willing to place the client in the program.
  • Clients and caregiver must abide by the conditions of the program and contract.
  • The goal of the program is to provide participation to all who meet the requirements, regardless of financial status.
  • Cost is $375.00 for the equipment.
  • Clients will be given transmitters, which easily attach to a bracelet that is placed around the clients arm or leg. The transmitter is worn 24 hours a day and is light, comfortable, and does not interfere with any daily activities.
  • Each clients caretaker is responsible for checking the battery on a daily basis to ensure it is functioning between battery changes.
  • If a client wanders away from home, the clients caregiver must contact the Glendale Police Department immediately. Through the use of mobile receivers, the Glendale Police Department will check the immediate area and surroundings for signals from the clients transmitter. When the signal is located, the officers will narrow down the search until the client is located.

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For more information or you feel this program would benefit your family, please contact Sergeant Patrick Magtoto at 818-548-4015.