Reserve Officer Program

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The Glendale Police Department is seeking qualified candidates for its Reserve Officer Program. Becoming a Reserve Police Officer is a fulfilling way of serving your community while becoming a part of the exciting world of law enforcement.

In 2009, the Glendale Police Department Reserve Forces Unit celebrated 42 years of service to the City of Glendale. Our Reserve Forces Unit has achieved a high degree of professionalism and is respected state wide for its' accomplishments. The program is routinely reviewed by other police agencies who have used it as a model to better their own Reserve Force Units. Our Reserve Officers pride themselves in being more productive, more active, and better trained than many other reserve officer programs. It is definitely one of the most effective and organized programs existing within the State of California.

Why does the Glendale Police Department have a Reserve Police Officer Program?

The primary purpose of the Reserve Police Officer Program is to provide the community with an auxiliary unit of trained, competent police officers. These officers supplement our regular personnel and can be used in the event of an emergency when manpower is critical.

Community involvement and, most of all, support are two vital elements in the operation of any law enforcement agency. A successful Reserve Police Officer Program, being made up of citizen volunteers from within the community, stands as a symbol of the Glendale Police Department's commitment to partnership and teamwork in combating crime.


What is a Reserve Police Officer?

A Reserve Police Officer is a citizen volunteer who devotes his or her valuable time and effort towards creating a safer community.

Reserve Police Officers wear the same uniform and badge that full-time police officers wear. On a part-time basis, they perform many of the same duties and functions that a full-time officer does.

2008 Reserve Officer Statistics

In 2008, the Glendale Police Reserve Officers provided 3,339 hours of service to the Glendale Police Department. The majority of these hours were provided on a voluntary basis. This represented a savings to the Glendale Police Department of over $100,000. Over 1,750 hours were devoted to working patrol. Our Reserve Officers were very productive, accounting for over 79 misdemeanor arrests, over 25 felony arrests, over 70 moving citations, and over 40 parking citations.


What are the minimum requirements to become a Glendale Reserve Police Officer?

To be considered for appointment as a Glendale Reserve Police Officer, you must meet the following minimum requirements:


Minimum of 20 years of age.


High School Graduation or Equivalent (GED or CHSPE)


Valid Class 3 Drivers License - With Good Driving History.


POST Standard




In proportion.


United States citizen or proof of application for citizenship having occurred at least one year prior to application.


Good moral character with good driving, credit, and employment history.


What is the selection procedure?

As shown by our minimum requirements, the Glendale Police Department maintains a high standard when selecting personnel for its Reserve Officer Program. The Reserve candidate must complete a selection process which is composed of six phases - each of which is pass/fail.

  1. Initial application.
  2. Written examination of general skills. (Reading comprehension and spelling).
  3. Physical Agility Test: (PASS/FAIL) - This Physical Agility Test includes: a 99 yard obstacle course, a 165 pound body drag, a six foot chain link fence climb, a six foot solid fence climb, and a 500 yard run.
  4. Oral interview. (Questioning from a panel of 2 or 3 police officers)
  5. Background Investigation: All finalists will be subjected to a comprehensive background investigation. A polygraph will be required.
  6. Medical/Psychological Examinations: Candidates who successfully pass the background investigation and are conditionally offered a position will be required to successfully complete an extensive medical and psychological examination prior to appointment.

Note: Candidates must pass all phases of the testing process to be further considered.

Residence: Candidates hired into this position are required to live within a 40 mile radius of the Glendale Civic Center.


How do you apply?

An application for Reserve Police Officer can be obtained on the Join GPD website. Applications can also be picked up in person at the City of Glendale Human Resources office located at 613 E Broadway, Room #100, Glendale, CA 91206. For answers to questions regarding the Reserve Forces Unit, please contact the Reserve Coordinator at 818-548-3154.


What happens after you pass the selection process?

Upon completion of the selection process, you will attend the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Reserve Academy. The Reserve Academy is a (20) week course of instruction designed to prepare you for the role of Reserve Police Officer. The Academy demands that the candidate devote his or her Tuesday evening, Thursday evening, and all day Sunday during this rigorous 20 week period. Although the Academy is attended on a "part-time" basis, there is nothing "part-time" about the level and intensity of the academic and physical training. The level of instruction is similar to that of the full-time police academy and demands a great deal of time and devotion from the Reserve Recruit.


What happens when you graduate from the Academy?

Upon completion of the Academy, the new Reserve Officer will enter a (50) week training program while assigned to full-time police training officers. After successful completion of the training program the Reserve Officer is required to donate 20 hours per month to the department. Reserve Officers can work a variety of assignments within the organization, such as uniform patrol, investigations, gangs, traffic, bicycle and foot patrols. Reserve Officers are also required to attend one training meeting monthly.

Reserve Officers are compensated for court appearances and may be eligible for a uniform allowance.


How often does the Glendale Police Department test for Reserve Police Officers?

The Glendale Police Department accepts applications for the position of Reserve Police Officers on a continuous basis. The testing process is ongoing.

For the community minded man or woman who wants to accept the challenge, becoming a Reserve Police Officer is a highly rewarding means of serving the community while being a part of the Glendale Police Department family and the exciting world of law enforcement.