Police Unity Tour

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Police Unity Tour

“We ride for those who have died.”

Each May, bicycle riders from law enforcement agencies around the world make the 300 mile trek from New York City to the Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington, D. C.  The ride is voluntary--no one is forced to go. The riders go on their own time and pay their own way, plus raise nearly $2,000 per person for the upkeep of the memorial itself.  The riders make this sacrifice to respect and honor law enforcement personnel who have died in the line of duty. The ride began in May 1997 with 18 riders and now counts hundreds of riders worldwide.

sueunity-tourThe Glendale contingent, in 2013 was made up of nine riders, including the father and two sons of Glendale Police Department’s last fallen officer, Charles Lazzaretto.

The weather didn’t cooperate for our Police Unity Tour riders. As typical of East Coast springs, there were days of constant rain, wind and even lightening.  The group made it safely to the Memorial, riding with Chapter 37 from New York. The Chapter is called “37” in honor of the 37 officers who died on September 11, 2001 trying to save people at the World Trade Center.

The ride is a moving and very personal tribute to all fallen officers. Glendale is lucky to have only lost four officers since its inception in 1906. Other departments haven’t been so fortunate.

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