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The Glendale Police Foundation is a volunteer-based organization in Glendale which lists among its activities, the full support and sponsorship of the police K-9 program. The average dog will be in service for 5 years and then needs to be replaced. Each dog will cost $50,000 in training and supplies over the service lifetime of the dog.

The Foundation Needs Your Help

The Glendale Police Department K-9 Unit is funded solely through donations from the public. All costs of the program including training, equipment, food, and veterinary care are paid for through the generosity of the citizens and local business owners of our community. The Glendale Police Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization which has been helping support the Glendale Police Department K-9 Unit since its inception in 2005. All donations made to the K-9 Unit are tax-deductible. Much of the funds raised by the Foundation are directly used for the Glendale Police K-9 Unit. Through community support, we are able to provide protection, safety, and service for the residents, business and visitors of Glendale.

Estimated Cost of the K-9 Unit

Purchase of a Police Service Dog (untrained)


Basic K9 Patrol Training


Narcotic / Explosive Detection Training


Maintenance Training (per dog/per year)


Equipment / Supplies (per dog/per year)


Vet / Healthcare Services (per dog/per year)


The security of a K9 search team finding that hidden suspect in your backyard



About the Foundation


  • Robert Parseghian - President
  • Araz Parseghian - Vice President
  • T.C. Kim - Secretary
  • Nassif Shammaa - Treasurer


  • Vreg Agajanian
  • George Alwan
  • Alex Baroian
  • Andrian Dares
  • Marie Filipian
  • Vartan Gharepetian
  • Carolyn Karapetian
  • Dr. Ilin Magran
  • Elizabeth Manasserian
  • Denise Miller
  • Larry Miller
  • Gary Nelson
  • Skip Neville
  • Kenny Pawlek
  • Vrej Sarkissian
  • Luis Sosa
  • Jane Viar
  • Edwin Voskanian
  • Dr. Patrick Wade
  • Page Whyte
  • Paulette Ramsay Wood
  • Ronald Youra

Emeritus Members

  • Rick Barnes
  • Bruce Hinkley
  • Arthur Devine
  • Paula Devine
  • Skip Neville
  • Mary Ann Plumley
  • John Saad
  • Marko Swan