Meet the K9's - Agt. Matt Wilson & Eddie

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 Eddie    Wilson and Eddie

On July 13th, 2018, Agt. Matt Wilson and his K9 partner, Eddie, completed a 240-hour basic K9 school at Adlerhorst International in Riverside, California. During the six week course, the K9 teams trained in obedience, protection (bite) work, obstacles, vehicle deployments, and environmental issues (slick floors, gunfire, complete darkness, etc). Agt. Wilson and Eddie received many accolades from the instructors during the class.

K9 Eddie is a 3-year old male Belgian Malinois from Holland. His commands are in Dutch. Eddie was selected by Glendale Police Department from over 50 available dogs that were brought back from Europe. Eddie will later become a dual-purpose dog cross-trained in narcotics detection. Not only is Eddie an incredible police dog, but he is very social as well.

K9 Eddie Locates Suspect Hiding From Officers 

In February 2019, Glendale police officers responded to a possible residential burglary where several masked suspects were seen attempting to break into an occupied home. When confronted by the homeowner, the suspects fled and responding officers spotted their vehicle as it was entering a local freeway. A high-speed pursuit ensued for several miles, putting several motorists, pedestrians, and pursuing officers in danger. Some of the occupants of the suspect vehicle bailed out of the car while it was still in motion; however, the pursuing officers concentrated their efforts on staying with the driver. The pursuit came to an end at a cul-de-sac in the hills of Silverlake, where the driver exited and ran into a residential neighborhood. Despite the steep hillside terrain, Glendale officers established a large perimeter in order to contain the fleeing suspect. The Glendale K9 unit, consisting of K9 Idol, Jeff, and rookie “Eddie”, responded to the scene to systematically search the neighborhood for the outstanding suspect. 

 After coming up empty on his first three properties, K9 Eddie immediately exhibited a change of behavior on the fourth yard to be searched. K9 Eddie pulled his handler, Officer Matt Wilson, towards the downhill slope of the property towards the underside of a large patio deck. Ofc. Wilson recognized this change of behavior and knew that Eddie was “in odor” of the suspect. This allowed the search team to seek cover since they did not know if the suspect was armed. From a distance and with the suspect still out of sight, officers gave the suspect additional warnings that a police K9 would be used if he did not immediately surrender, but there was no response. K9 Eddie was told to continue his search of the yard, at which point he ran underneath the deck and located the suspect, who was deeply secreted in a small dark corner. K9 Eddie apprehended the suspect and dragged him from underneath the deck, where he was searched and handcuffed by awaiting officers. 

Thanks to Eddie (and the rest of the K9s), a potentially dangerous suspect was located within a residential neighborhood and taken into custody without harm to the officers or the public.