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What Is Neighborhood Watch?

  • Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program where residents cooperate with the Glendale Police Department to fight crime locally.
  • Neighborhood Watch is one of the oldest and most effective crime prevention programs in the country.
  • Neighborhood Watch involves neighbors working together to fight crime in their area.
  • Neighbors who recognize and report suspicious activities to 911 help keep their community safe.

How Does Neighborhood Watch Work?

  • Neighborhood Watch groups meet periodically to share neighborhood news and discuss crime prevention techniques.
  • The group decides how often to meet and where.

Block Captains For Each Group

  • Groups select their block captains.
  • Block captains organize and run the groups.
  • Block captains serve as liaison with the Glendale Police Department.
  • Block captains receive training from the police and share tips and techniques with their groups.
  • Many block captains are connected via websites so they can share information and crime fighting tips.

Glendale Police Department Has A Role

  • Glendale Police Officers attend some of the meetings to speak on active issues or provide training.
  • Attendees learn about successful crime prevention techniques the Glendale Police Department has used.
  • Neighborhood Watch groups strengthen the police/community partnership and make their areas safer.

    Who Can Participate?

  • Anyone! Renters, homeowners, singles, couples—anyone who is interested in making Glendale safer! Please call the Area Command Unit at 818-548-4016 to see if there is a group near you.
  • There are over 100 active Neighborhood Watch groups in Glendale.
  • If there is no group in your area, we can show you how to start one.

Neighborhood Watch Reduces Crime

  • Millions of crimes are detected or prevented by Neighborhood Watch members across the U.S.
  • Join or start a Neighborhood Watch group! Help make Glendale safer for all.


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