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Pedestrians: Look to Live!

Becoming a safe pedestrian means using common sense, paying attention, and developing sound walking skills. These tactics may save your life! The tips listed here can help. Remember: Always "Look to Live."

Look Left, Look Right, Look Left Again, Then Cross


The most important rule for pedestrians is to look before crossing a street. Practice "heads up" defensive walking in order to ensure your safety. Remember, it doesn’t matter who is at fault in a pedestrian/vehicle accident—the pedestrian will always suffer more. Look at least twice for oncoming traffic before stepping off the curb.

Don't Cross at a Flashing Signal


Did you know that it is against the law to cross an intersection when the “Do Not Walk” signal is blinking? Even if the signal has a counter and you believe you can cross the street before the counter reaches zero, you can (and will) be cited for jaywalking. Only cross when a solid “Walk” signal is showing. Having the walk signal and/or right-of-way doesn’t ensure safety. Look left, look right, and look left again prior to entering a crosswalk.

Parents: Set Good Examples


Parents have the responsibility of teaching safe driving and pedestrian habits to their children. Teach young children these safe walking rules as early as possible:

  • Always look left, look right, then left again before crossing a street.
  • Never run into the street, especially to chase something.
  • Never cross a busy street without an adult.

As a parent, it’s not enough to just tell your children how to be safe—demonstrate it yourself. Never break traffic laws, especially in front of your children.

Watch For Distracted Drivers, Make Eye Contact


Always be watchful for distracted drivers. A very effective method for ensuring that a distracted driver sees you is to make eye contact. Do not move into the street until you’ve made this eye contact with the driver. This is the only way to ensure that a distracted driver has been alerted to your presence and will yield the right-of-way.

Wear Appropriate Clothing


Always wear appropriate clothing when walking. Wear light colored shirts with reflective material to make yourself as visible as possible at night. Consider carrying a small flashlight if you walk frequently after dark (but be careful not to blind drivers with the light.) Never walk at night wearing dark colored clothing. You can see the road, but chances are motorists will not see you until it’s too late.


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