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Teenage driving has become much more challenging since the arrival of cell phones and smart phones. Teens can improve their driving skills and help reduce traffic accidents by being aware of and following motor vehicle laws.

Good Driving is Good Driving, Regardless of Age

Teenage drivers can benefit from the same set of laws and standards already in place. As parents and teachers, you must set a good model for teenage drivers to follow. Remember the basics:

  • Never talk or text while driving
  • Avoid playing with your vehicle’s gadgets
  • Don’t do your personal grooming while driving
  • Be on the lookout for pedestrians at all times
  • Don’t eat and drive
  • Keep music at reasonable levels

By consistently setting a good example, you will instill good driving values for future drivers.

Talk Openly About the Dangers of Distracted Driving

Talk to teenagers about distracted driving using the same urgency and seriousness as you would when discussing the dangers of drunk driving. Remember, distracted driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving! Teenage drivers must know that there are potentially deadly consequences for distracted driving.

Additional Resources

Use the following resources to further explain the dangers of distracted driving to your teenager(s).

Hoover High Students Dangers of Distracted Driving - Article published by Glendale News Press covering the Glendale Police Department's efforts to raise distracted driving awareness at Hoover High School

Teens Against Distracted Driving - Teens Against Distracted Driving is a website dedicated to educating teens about the dangers of driving while distracted.

Need More Help?

The City of Glendale is a resource in the event you need any additional help in talking to teens about the dangers of distracted driving. See the Contact Us page for more information.


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Graphic Video Warning Against Texting and Driving

The United Kingdom released a graphic video regarding the dangers of texting while driving, with a strong focus towards teenagers.

Texting While Driving Documentary

Excellent documentary produced by AT&T, who is partnering with the City of Glendale, regarding distracted driving.