Driven 2 Distraction

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Your City Needs You

HeroImageGlendale is a great place to live and work, but we know it can be better. In recent years, this City has had an alarming number of accidents involving pedestrians. By all indications, many of these unfortunate accidents would not have occurred if both driver and pedestrian had been paying more attention to their surroundings.

From Brand to Foothill and all streets in between, your help is needed to make Glendale a safer place for both pedestrians and motorists. Hang up the phone, put away the electric shaver, put down the coffee mug, and stop adjusting the car’s GPS system while you are behind the wheel. Focus on the road and don’t be "driven to distraction." With your help, we can reduce accidents and make Glendale a safer place in which to walk, drive or ride a bicycle.


pedcountdown_640For Glendale Pedestrians

In a pedestrian/vehicle accident, the pedestrian will always lose regardless of who was following the law. Defensive and attentive walking can make the difference between life and death. Read More...


Story2For Glendale Drivers

You are the most valuable resource Glendale has in regards to reducing accidents and improving road skills. Take a refresher course on safe driving habits and help make the roads safer for everyone. Read More...

Story1For Parents & Teachers

Teen driving has become much more challenging since the arrival of cell phones and smart phones. Teens can improve their driving skills and help reduce traffic accidents by being aware of and following motor vehicle laws. Read More...