Police Communications Trainee

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Police Communications Trainee

Accepting applications.

Salary: $3,789.00 - $5,812.92 Monthly

Full- time position

FLSA: Non-exempt position, eligible for overtime compensation

Probation period: 1 Year

PERS/PARS Contribution: The applicable retirement contribution (PERS/PARS) is deducted from the listed salary/wage for employee's retirement benefits.

Essential functions of the job include, but are not limited to, the following:
Receives, identifies and accurately evaluates emergency and routine calls for police services, routes 911 calls for Fire and EMS services, refers calls to other agencies and makes required notifications as appropriate.

Monitors and maintains the status of all police personnel and units as to location and availability.

Determines appropriate personnel and equipment to be dispatched using voice radio and computer aided dispatch system.

Relays, follows, repeats and remembers complex oral and written instructions, information and directions.

Uses established policies & procedures, independent judgment, common sense and reason to make rapid and accurate decisions to achieve an effective initial or alternate course of action in dispatching police resources.

Performs multiple, routine and complex dispatch tasks simultaneously.

Responds calmly and effectively in emergency and stress situations.

Develops speed and accuracy in performing job duties & responsibilities, including operating radio consoles, computer terminals and associated communications equipment, performing minor maintenance as required.

Studies, reviews, and trains in communications and police department operations to develop a complete and accurate concept and understanding of the nature of police work.

Effectively communicates and coordinates in a teamwork environment with co-workers, other agencies, departments and the public, exercising strong customer service and group dynamic skills.

Possesses a high level of awareness to all dispatch center activity and effectively anticipates and plans for probable tasks which will require immediate action.

Works with geography/street files and reads maps, manuals, notebooks, memorandums, legal resources, policies & procedures and posted information.

Monitors multiple police, fire and emergency radio frequencies.

Initiates, receives and interprets information from various law enforcement computerized database systems.

Monitors facility security and various alarm systems.

Performs research and clerical work such as preparation of logs, reports, forms and update of information and files in a timely manner.

Performs assigned and needed cleaning and maintenance duties to center facilities.

Assumes responsibility for ensuring the duties of this position are performed in a safe, efficient manner.

Performs other related duties as assigned or as the situation requires.