Student Library Card FAQ

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  • What can I access with my Student Library Card?

  • How do I apply for a Student Library Card?

  • How should new incoming students receive a Student Library Card?

  • How should a current student opt-in to the Student Library Card Initiative now that it has been launched at his/her school?

  • I lost my Student Library Card, how do I get a replacement?

  • What happens if I lose/damage a library book?

  • Are there any fees for books checked out on a Student Library Card that are returned late?

  • What if I already have a regular library card?

  • If I owe money on my regular library card, may I still register and/or use my Student Library Card?

  • What is my PIN number? How can I change it?

  • How do I access my Student Library Card account?

  • For how long is the Student Library Card valid?