Proposing Programs

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Programs in the Community

Our programs extend beyond the library's walls and into the greater Glendale community. Our partnerships with other organizations include Glendale Police, Fire, Mental Health, and other groups that provide community support and investment.

Proposing Programs

The public has the option to rent the library facilities, or local nonprofits may request a sponsored partnership. If you or your organization is interested in proposing a program to be held at any one of the Library branches, please read through our programming guidelines.

Sponsorship Criteria

The Glendale Library, Arts & Culture (GLAC) Department sponsors a limited number of events per year.  When sponsoring an event, GLAC provides an auditorium or meeting space without charge and includes limited staff as available and appropriate to the event.  In some cases other services may be negotiated.  Sponsorship guidelines are as follows: 

  • The event must be presented by nonprofit organizations.
  • The event/program must fit the mission of the Glendale Library, Arts & Culture Department.
  • The need for staff involvement must be minimal so as not to detract from primary services.
  • The event should encourage use of libraries, and/or contribute to the arts & culture of the community.
  • The requirements of the program (i.e. space, equipment, staff) must be compatible with the venue.
  • The size of the anticipated audience should be within the capacity of the meeting space.
  • The event must not be disruptive to regular library operations. 

Business and/or professional meetings or other commercial (for-profit) ventures may be approved as exception by the Director of Library, Arts & Culture, depending on its alignment with the GLAC mission and current strategic priorities. GLAC does not provide financial support or monetary sponsorship of events.

User Categories

TIER 1 - For facility rentals, rental or unapproved sponsored request. This tier does not include promotion by staff. Additionally, city or library logos may not be displayed.

TIER 2 – For purposes of sponsorship (fee waivers). Library staff involvement is limited to booking the event, assisting with space set up, and serving as a monitor at the event.

TIER 3 - For co-sponsored events, agenda planning, outreach and promotion are included, as well as  booking the event, assisting with space set up, and basic staffing.

  • In some cases fees, may apply for sponsored programs, for example if additional staff, technical or security needs are required. Any other related costs (extra staff, piano tuning, food, etc.) will be negotiated with the Administrator or Site Manager. All established library policies and rules related to the use of meeting rooms must be followed.

Proposal Request Deadlines

Application for sponsorship must be submitted per the schedule identified below. Staff will respond within two weeks after each submission timeframe closes.

Proposal submission timeframes

For programs to take place during

Nov 1 – Jan 31

June, July, August

Feb 1 – April 30

September, October, November

May 1 – July 31

December, January, February

Aug 1 – Oct 31

March, April, May

Fee-Based Programs

Fee-based programs are those with a registration fee, or include the sale of materials and books or any other related costs – for example, an author talk and related book sale. These types of programs must be coordinated through the Friends of the Library or the Brand Library Associates in consultation with the relevant Senior Library Supervisor.

  • For events at Central Library and the branches (other than Brand Library), fifteen percent (15%) of all fees or sales of materials must be given to the Friends of the Library.
  • For events held at Brand Library, twenty five percent (25%) of all fees or sales must be given to the Brand Library Associates.

Exceptions may be made only if the sales are not for profit, for use during the program when such purchase is optional, or the non-profit donates in kind materials of benefit to the library’s collections.  Exceptions must be pre-approved by the Director.

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Program Location
Program Location
  • Contact information

Contact information
Organization name (address, phone number, e-mail -- if different than Contact information)
Organization name (address, phone number, e-mail -- if different than Contact information)
Attach copy of nonprofit status documentation
Co-Sponsor(s) (if any) or other organizations/agencies/individuals affiliated with the program
Name of the program or event
Target date(s)
Times of the program or event
Purpose of the program or event
Explanation of how event encourages use of the Glendale Library, Arts & Culture Department.
Qualifications of people conducting program. Information sheets or photographs should be appended for review.
Qualifications of people conducting program. Information sheets or photographs should be appended for review.
Space and equipment needs (tables, chairs, audio visual, etc)
Is assistance needed from the Glendale Library, Arts & Culture staff?  If so, approximately how many hours?
Who is the targeted audience? Is a mailing or email list available?
What is the anticipated attendance?
Is the program dependent on any other event such as a holiday or an event being conducted at another location?
Will fees be charged?  If so, why and in what amount? 
Will any materials be available for sale?  What price ranges?
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