Book Groups & Kits

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Does the Library, Arts & Culture Department have sponsored book groups that meet at libraries?
Yes, there are several library sponsored book groups.  <Read More> about these groups.


A BOOK GROUP KIT is a canvas bag that contains everything that a book discussion group needs to read and discuss a book, including:

  • 12 copies of the same title
  • Discussion questions
  • Book reviews
  • Author information
  • Enhancements (pictures, articles, maps, etc.) that help group members better understand the book

Download tips on how to conduct a book group.

What are the advantages of book groups using the Library's Book Group Kits?

Book group members frequently have difficulty finding a copy of a book they want because it is checked out from the library. The items in a Book Group Kit--the books and discussion questions--are conveniently borrowed as one item.

Book groups may borrow Book Group Kits for 8 weeks. This amount of time allows a member of a book group to check out a Kit, hand out books to the group at its next meeting, allow the members to keep and read the books until the following meeting (the meeting where the group is discussed) and then collect the books from the members and return the Kit.

How many book group kits does the library have?
Over 320 titles, and more are added every year!

What kind of book titles are in the Book Group Kits?

  • Fiction and Non-fiction
  • Contemporary and Classic
  • Most books are for adults
  • Some titles are also appropriate for teen readers

How will Book Group Kits help people who have always wanted to start a book discussion group?
Each Kit contains suggestions on how to start and conduct a book group. Download Tips on starting a book group.

How does a book group borrow a Book Group Kit?
The kits are designed to be checked out to one member of a book group. Once the Kit is checked out, the books can be shared with the group members. Please make reservations via email. Please include the following in your email:

  • Pick up date
  • Return date

If you are discussing the book from one Book Group Kit at a meeting and want to distribute the books from a second Kit for the next meeting, you can check out two kits. 

Book Group Kits must be returned to a Library, Arts & Culture Department location during open hours.They may not be returned in book drops. Book Group Kits may not be renewed. Overdue Kits are fined $1.00 per day.

Library staff inspect every Kit before a group borrows it to make sure the Kit is complete. Please check the contents of each Kit before returning it. If any books are missing, the replacement cost of each must be paid.

My book group would like to donate part or all of a new Book Group Kit. Can we do this?
The Library would like to continually add new Book Group Kits. We would love donations. Each kit costs about $200.00. If you'd like to donate a book group kit to the library or have a question, please email us.

My group members have books from past book discussions that they no longer want. May we donate them?
Yes. Donated books in good condition will help us build more Book Group Kits.