Borrowing Materials

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Special Notice

Until we reopen…

  • Please keep items you have.
  • Due dates have been extended. No fines and no late fees!
  • Items on hold will be waiting for you when we reopen.Items on hold will be waiting for you when we reopen.
  • Download the Glendale Library, Arts & Culture mobile app. Borrow our eBooks or magazines, watch a movie, listen to music, or take an online class. Click here to read more.

How to Borrow Books and Other Library Materials

Library cards and limits

  • Users must have a current, valid Library borrower's card to check out materials.
  • Adults may borrow a total of 100 items. There are lower limits for some materials. All items are holdable and can be picked up at any location with some exceptions.

Loan periods

  • Most loan materials may be borrowed for 21 days.
  • Short loan materials have a 7-day loan period.

How to get a Library Card

  • Adults (age 18 and above) may obtain a Glendale Library card in person at any Library site by providing acceptable identification. Forms of acceptable ID.
  • Teens (age 13-17) may obtain a teen library card. A Parent or guardian must review the information on the application, select an option of borrowing privilege for their teen, provide an identification number, and sign the application.
  • Children (age 12 and under) may obtain a children’s library card. A Parent or guardian must review the information on the application, select an option of borrowing privilege for their child, provide an identification number, and sign the application.
  • Adults are financially responsible for all materials borrowed on their own library cards. Parents or guardians are financially responsible for materials borrowed on their teen or child's library cards.
  • Changes in name, address, telephone number, or email address should be reported immediately.
  • Library cards have no expiration date. The Patron is able to update the information on their card in person after providing valid identification.
  • Patrons who do not have their library cards with them may borrow materials by showing proper identification.
  • Library card privileges are not transferable, and can only be utilized by the registered owner of the library card. Patrons who have items out on their account cannot check them out again on someone else's account unless the other cardholder is present.
  • Glendale Library, Arts & Culture cards may be used at any Pasadena Public Library, however lending policies may differ.

Lost or stolen Library Card

  • Report lost or stolen cards immediately: Call Library Administration at 818-548-2030 or report at any Library site.
  • The Library card replacement is free. Cardholders are responsible for items checked out until the card is reported lost.

eCards and Electronic Resources

  • A valid library card or eCard is required to access electronic resources remotely and borrow eBooks. You can sign up for an eCard at the library's online catalog
  • eBooks and eAudio – Limits: 10 titles at a time from Overdrive and 10 from Bibliotheca (3M).  

Fines and Fees

  • Items not returned by the due date will be charged a fine. Overdue fines on most materials are $.25 per day per item to a maximum of $10.00 for adults.
  • There are no fines for children or teens materials.
  • A Billing Notice for overdue and lost materials is sent at 14 days and 28 days late, and may be sent via email, telephone or letter. Bills for lost materials that are disregarded are referred to a collection agency.
  • Damaged or lost materials will be billed at current replacement value, plus a $8.00 non-refundable processing fee. Patrons are not allowed to replace lost or damaged items on their account with replacements they have purchased, even if it is the exact same item.

Click here for the Library's current schedule of other types of fines and fees for services.

Renewing checked-out items

  • All items may be renewed three times, unless they are on hold. Book kits and Short Loan (selected children’s items) are not renewable. Renewals may be done in person, online with “Library Account,” using the Library's mobile app, or by phone by calling 818-548-8010.

NOTE: You will be asked to enter your library card number, found on the back of your library card. To renew individual items you will be asked for the item’s library barcode number followed by the pound key. There are instructions on the phone message on identifying the item’s library barcode.

Or, follow these steps to renew items in the LIBRARY ACCOUNT section of the online catalog:

  • Obtain a valid Glendale or Pasadena borrower's card and PIN.
  • In the catalog, click the LIBRARY ACCOUNT tab.
  • Click the box for all items, or for individual items
  • Click the RENEW button.

Viewing Your Library Account

  • You must have a PIN (Personal Identification Number) to renew items or place holds in the Online Catalog. If you do not have a PIN, apply for one at any Library, Arts & Culture location in person. You will need a valid Glendale or Pasadena borrower's card.
  • You can then sign up for online access to your library account at LIBRARY ACCOUNT. You can change your PIN, see items checked out, renew, place requests, or check the status of your request.

Requesting Items (Placing Holds)

All items are holdable and can be picked up at any location with the following exceptions:

  • Brand Library LPs are holdable but must be picked-up, checked out, and returned at Brand Library only.
  • Games are not holdable and must be checked out and returned to Glendale locations only.
  • Equipment is not holdable and must be checked out at Glendale locations (usually in house use only).

Librarians will be happy to place holds for you in person or on the telephone. Or, you can place your own holds in the Library catalog, following these steps:

  • Obtain a borrower's card and PIN in person.
  • Search for materials in the online catalog.
  • Click the Request It button.
  • Log in using your library card number and PIN.
  • Follow instructions to complete your request.

Hold Notification

  • When you request materials, Library staff makes every effort to process your request quickly. Depending on the source, items may take from a few days to many weeks to obtain.
  • Popular materials may have many hold requests waiting. For holds in the online catalog, check your position in the hold queue or ask Library staff for assistance.
  • Most titles circulate for three weeks (but some patrons unfortunately may keep them overdue.) Occasionally, the Library is unable to locate titles that appear to be available in the online catalog.
  • When your request is filled, we will notify you by email, telephone or postcard, depending on the information in your account.
  • Requested library materials are kept on the hold shelves for 7 days.

Interlibrary Loan

The InterLibrary Loan process allows you to borrow materials from other library systems. You will need a current Library, Arts & Culture or Pasadena library card. 

  • There is a limit of three Interlibrary Loan requests per week. Interlibrary Loan requests cannot be placed on Glendale or Pasadena library materials.
  • Sometimes the lending library charges a fee for borrowing an item. We must pass these costs along to you. You will be notified if an item will cost money to borrow and you can either accept or decline the order at that point. 
  • You will receive a notification when your interlibrary loan request has been filled. Please note, the process may take several weeks or longer. We will make several attempts to locate your requested material. If unsuccessful, you will be notified by phone or email. 
  • Some items (reference books, rare books, books published in the past year, and audio-visual materials and electronic materials) cannot be obtained through Interlibrary Loan. 
  • Complete the online Interlibrary Loan form here or visit a Library, Arts & Culture location.


Audiovisual Materials

  • Audiovisual materials include videos, DVDs, books on CD and cassette and language instruction recordings.


  • DVDs circulate for 7 days. 20 DVDs can be checked out on a library card. Fines are $.25 a day with a $10.00 maximum. Holds may be placed on all DVDs.

Audio Books

  • Books on tape/CD circulate free for 3 weeks. Fines are $.25 a day with a $10.00 maximum. Holds may be placed on books on tape/CD.
  • Audio books count against the 100 item limit but no other special restrictions apply.
 Music CDs
  • Music CDs count against the 100 item limit with the exception of the Brand Library CD box sets which are limited to 10.   


  • Ten titles from Overdrive can be checked out on a library card. Available items include eBooks, audiobooks, music, and video.
  • Check out period is three weeks.
  • Patrons may return items early.  If the item has not been downloaded select the Return Title button to check the item in.  Once the item has been downloaded it may be returned using the software or app that was used to download it. For more details click here.
  • If a title is available to renew, the renew option will appear within 3 days of the title's expiration date.
  • Items are returned automatically at the end of the loan period.

Bibliotheca (3M) Cloud Library

  • Ten titles from 3M can be checked out on a library card. Available items include eBooks.
  • Check out period is three weeks.
  • Patrons may return items early by selecting the Return button.
  • Renewals are not allowed in 3M.  
  • Items are returned automatically at the end of the loan period.

Brand Library & Art Center
  • LPs must be picked up and returned at the Brand Library during open hours.  LPs may not be returned in book drops. Up to 10 CD box sets may be checked out. CDs and DVDs may only be returned in book drop slots designated for audiovisual materials; these are located in Brand Park and at Glendale Central Library.