Little Free Libraries offer small collections of books for free. Give a book, take a book, and share online!  

Glendale Little Free Libraries in the news:

GTV6 - July 2, 2015

ABC7 - January 21, 2015 

Glendale News-Press - November 13, 2013


CerritosParkLFLCerritos Park LFL

3690 San Fernando Road
Glendale CA 91204
Located near the picnic benches.



LFLCItyHallAug2014City Hall LFL

613 East Broadway
Glendale CA 91206
Located at the entrance to City Hall.





Fremont Park LFL 

600 Hahn
Glendale CA  91203
This LFL is currently undergoing maintenance.


Glorietta Park Nathan Heller SMGlorietta Park LFL

2801 North Verdugo Road
Glendale CA  91208
This LFL is located in Glorietta Park across the bridge near the children's playground. It was constructed and donated by local student Nathan Heller for his school's Community Impact Project.



Montrose Community Park LFL

3529 Clifton Place
Glendale CA 91208
This LFL is currently undergoing maintenance.


Verdugo Park LFL

1621 Canada Boulevard
Glendale CA 91208
Located near the skate park.