Go Big or Go Home Tedeschi

Go Big Or Go Home

On View:  February 20, 2016 - March 25, 2016

Opening Reception:  February 20, 2016, 6 - 9 PM

Admission: Free

A group exhibition of objects that question the limits of possibility. Thirteen Los Angeles artists present large scale sculpture and site specific installation.

GLENDALE, CA - On Saturday, February 20th, Brand Library & Art Center rises to the challenge: Go Big or Go Home with large scale sculpture and site specific installations from 13 Los Angeles area artists. The exhibition is the first in the Brand’s Artist As Curator series as part of their Learning Arts at Brand initiative, also known as LAB. Go Big or Go Home has been curated by Rough Play.

Go Big or Go Home is an exhibition of artists that rise to the challenge. Their artwork, whether produced through a physically demanding work process, extensive research, mastery of new disciplines, or by exposure to psychological or emotional vulnerability, represents a significant dedication to an idea that can be read as fearless and cGo Big or Go Home Rippleommitted.

 Christian Tedeschi, Rebecca Ripple and William Ransom, create objects that question the limits of possibility while harboring gravity of concept and implementation. The physicality of each individual’s work can communicate tension between weight and weightlessness, unravel the actual into abstraction, or connect the disparate.

In pushing the limits of materials and processes, the categorization of objects is blurred. Sculpture merges into drawing and painting into installation. Bridget Beck’s large steel sculpture emerges out of the artists ink drawings in a shift between two and three dimensional space. Elizabeth Tinglof plays with dimensions and color in her wall installation of 30 individual paintings that undulate from the frames that contain them. From a miniature-scale dormer on the wall, Ashley Hagen propels a cascade of stuffed animals coated in plaster and painted in soft pastel colors creating a frosting-like waterfall. Emily Sudd creates new narratives with her ceramic installations, altering the visual perception and challenging the hierarchies of objects and materials.

Go Big or Go Home NguyenPontus Willfors, Lynn Aldrich and Thinh Nguyen challenge the way the viewer perceives everyday objects. Willfor’s work addresses our ability to manipulate aspects of nature we deem as product, nuisance or waste. Aldrich transforms commonplace items into transcendental configurations, while Nguyen creates sculptural forms from discarded items; resurrected they occupy a different role. During the opening reception, Nguyen will wear one of his sculptures in a performance that challenges the limitations of physical endurance.

Artists go to extraordinary lengths to produce the conditions under which they can execute and exhibit their works of art. Julie Schustack’s multisensory installations merge physicality and sound. Beatriz Cortez routinely delves into new processes to produce works that reference psychological processes and essential human experiences. Rebecca Niederlander’s interactive installation invites the community to participate in the art-making process. Touching, tearing, cutting and forever altering; effectively allowing the artwork to grow and change over the duration of the exhibition. 

About Rough Play: Rough Play is a new curatorial collective made up of three emerging artists working in Los Angeles: Ashley Hagen, Emily Sudd and Elizabeth Tinglof. Collectively the members of Rough Play have been involved in several exhibitions in curatorial, administrative and academic capacities, as well as participating as exhibiting artists. For over six years Rough Play have shared spaces and ideas, Go Big or Go Home is their first curatorial project together.

An opening reception for Go Big or Go Home will take place on Saturday, February 20th from 6:00-9:00pm. The reception is open to the public and all artists will be in attendance. All events at Brand Library & Art Center are free to attend.

Brand Library & Art Center sits in the midst of the City of Glendale’s verdant Brand Park. This cultural resource serves an ever-widening public interest in the arts, and is a unique destination for art, music and beyond. Facilities include an Art and Music Library, Art Galleries and Recital Hall. Brand Library is staffed by subject specialist librarians and has over 110,000 music and art items including books, scores, DVD’s, CD’s, LP’s and magazines. Brand Library & Art Center sponsors many events that are free and open to the public including art exhibitions, concerts, art & music lectures, dance events, films, computer classes, children’s events and library tours.

Go Big or Go Home Aldrich


Go Big or Go Home Rebecca NJourney Agent Training!

Saturday, March 5, 2016, 1 - 3 PM

Family friendly paper art workshop with Rebecca Niederlander.

Rebecca Niederlander's site specific art istallation "Dusted Eulipians Guide the Journey Agents" at Brand Gallery invites visitors to create stars that propel the work into the universe. Join in, learn how, and contribute to the project! All ages are welcome, children should be able to use child-safe scissors.



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Hear the exotic lounge sounds of the Tikiyaki Orchestra on Friday, June 5, 7:00 p.m.   Read More>

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Go Big or Go Home

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