Glendale Planning Department Oral History

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PLEASE NOTE: The audio files for our Oral History Collection are currently unavailable. We are working on a solution and hope to have it fixed in the near future.

The City of Glendale Planning Department established their Oral History Program in the early 1990s in an effort to record the recollections of Glendale's citizens. The interviews in this collection, recorded between 1993 and 2000, feature Glendalians from a variety of backgrounds, from "Glendale, born and raised" to recent émigrés from Armenia and Iran.
The result of these many perspectives is a rich telling of Glendale's history: its small-town, agricultural feel in the early 1900s, the growth of its business and entertainment aspects in the middle of the 20th century, and the demographic shift in the 1970s and '80s reflected in the current diversity seen around Glendale today.

The interviews in this collection, which run anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour, were conducted by Jerry Wasser, Shoghig Yepremian, Tom Miller, and Wolfgang Krause, on behalf of the Planning Department, and feature one interviewer and one or two interviewees.

Transcripts (available for each interview by clicking on the link next to the audio link for each interview) were compiled by Planning staff and volunteers and in some cases may contain errors and omissions. Both the transcripts and interviews are provided here in there entirety with no subsequent editing by the Library, Arts & Culture Department.

  • Georgia Abelmann - Long-time Glendale resident; Retail business owner (Work uniform retail), interviewed by Jerry Wasser 5-6-98
  • Ruben Amirian - Architect; Design Review Board and Chamber of Commerce member, interviewed by Shoghig K. Yepremian 11-6-96

  • Marco Giovanni Brambilla - Architect, various Glendale board memberships, interviewed by Shoghig K. Yepremian 11-27-96

  • Dr. Whitcome Brougher, Jr. - Pastor, First Baptist Church in Glendale, interviewed by Jerry Wasser 10-19-98
  • Dolores Chapman and Michael Drysdale Long-time Glendale residents Jerry Wasser 2-26-99
  • Ken Cheesman Long-time Glendale resident Tom Miller 10-19-93

  • Glen Cornwell Long-time Glendale resident; Retail business (sporting goods & hardware) Tom Miller 1-31-95

  • Byron Foote - Glendale Planning Department, Senior Planner, interviewed by Wolfgang Krause 5-3-95

  • Esther Garate - Long-time Glendale resident; Glendale Unified School District employee, interviewed by Tom Miller 12-14-93

  • Armond Gorgorian Restaurant owner; Armenian youth organization board member; member on multiple City of Glendale committees Shoghig K. Yepremian 7-10-96

  • Norris and Margaret Henderson Long-time Glendale residents Mary Ann Prelock 3-6-93

  • Bob Inslee - Long-time Glendale resident; Design Review Board member, Planning Commission chairman, interviewed by Jerry Wasser 3-2-99

  • Michael Kuretich - Long-time Glendale resident; Southern Pacific employee, interviewed by Jerry Wasser 10-11-99

  • Claude & Fauniel Michael - Long-time Glendale residents; electronics business; Rotary Club member; Tuesday Afternoon Club member, interviewed by Tom Miller 11-10-93

  • Jerry Milner - Long-time Glendale resident; former Mayor of Glendale, interviewed by Tom Miller 4-26-94

  • Richard Montgomery - Long-time Glendale resident; Construction; Military service (WWII), interviewed by Tom Miller 9-8-93

  • Alice Petrossian - Long-time Glendale resident; Glendale Unified School District teacher, interviewed by Shoghig K. Yepremian 2-16-96

  • Vonnie Rossman - Long-time Glendale resident; Glendale historic preservation involvement, interviewed by Jerry Wasser 4-23-98

  • Vahik Satoorian - Glendale resident and business woman, interviewed by Shoghig K. Yepremian 11-20-96

  • Linda Shahinian - Long-time Glendale resident; business woman; service club activities Jerry Wasser 9-23-99

  • Brian Swanson- Long-time Glendale resident; Retail business owner (Sporting goods), interviewed by Jerry Wasser 10-5-99

  • Dale Trowbridge - Long-time Glendale resident; Woodcraft Rangers chief, interviewed by Jerry Wasser 9-22-99

  • Don Tubbs - Long-time Glendale resident; Engineer/consultant, weapons systems, interviewed by Jerry Wasser 7-16-99