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Past Events 2015

GALA Exhibits features emerging and established artists through a series of exhibitions in temporarily available spaces and empty storefronts, in coordination with the City of Glendale and local property owners interested in promoting the arts.



  • On View through April 20, 2015

An exhibition of artwork by

Susan Feldman, Karen Reitzel, Jessica Newman-Skrentny
138 South Maryland Avenue

by Holly Boruck and Sandra Low
131 North Maryland Avenue

by Karen Duckles and Fabia Panjarian
127 North Maryland Avenue

ON VIEW through March 27, 2015

GALA Abajian Atlantis WolffArtwork from Srboohie Abajian, Dori Atlantis & Karen Frimkess Wolff at 131 Maryland Avenue in Glendale.Download the flyer.




GALA Lizee MaasArtwork from Erika Lizée & Michael Maas at 127 Maryland Avenue in Glendale. Download the flyer.




GAA Harvard MarylandArtwork from members of the Glendale Art Association at 138 Maryland Avenue (NE corner of Maryland and Harvard) in Glendale.

GALA Exhibits is a curatorial project supported by the City of Glendale and the Glendale Arts & Culture Commission, with funding from the Urban Art Program.

See an article about the Open House and Exhibit from the Glendale News-Press.