Free Computer Workshops

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Past Workshops Workshops for Libraries is a leading learning platform that helps anyone learn business, software, technology, education, and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. After completing this class, students will understand how to access for free using their Glendale Library Arts and Culture library card. Students will understand the audiovisual interface, and learn how to download courses to their own devices for viewing offline.

Mobile Technology for Library Resources Workshop

 Our staff will teach you how to download free eBooks and use other library services on your device. Did you give a tablet to someone who still can't figure out how to use it? Good grief! Share this notice! Discover how easy it is to use your Apple or Android mobile device to download eBooks, search the library catalog, and learn a new language. Bring your own device or use one of the library’s iPads.

Computer Club For Beginners

Beginners workshops are comfortably paced for the novice computer user. Students learn how to use the mouse and keyboard, navigate through Microsoft Windows, search the Internet, and set up and use Email.

Advancing on the Internet

This set of workshops builds on the Library's long-running "Computer Club for Beginners" class. To take this class, you should have a good understanding of how to use a personal computer, the basics of Microsoft Windows, and how to do a basic search on the Internet. If you've taken our "Computer Club for Beginners," you are ready for this class. Among other skills, we will explore how search engines can be used to find Internet-based information of all kinds, and we'll explore in detail advanced searching using Google's specialized features. We will also spend time exploring the Library's extensive suite of digital information resources, learning how to search within commercial and special databases. One of the exciting features of the class will be information "treasure hunts," low-keyed searches through cyberspace for fun information. We will also discuss streaming and downloading of information, accessing the Cloud, and current information on Internet service providers and online safety.

Computer Workshops in Armenian
The Library, Arts & Culture Department offers free Armenian language computer workshops at the Central Library designed for beginners. Students learn the basics, such as: how to use computers, how to set up a free email account, and how to search on the Internet. Additionally, they learn how to use and search the Library, Arts & Culture Department's website. The workshops include a PowerPoint slide presentation in Armenian. Students receive a free booklet in Armenian, “Ի՞նչպէս գործածել համակարգիչը”, written by Elizabeth Grigorian especially for the workshops.

Computer Workshops in Spanish
Clases Gratis de Computacion para Adultos en Español.
Learn Keyboarding, Basic Internet and email Assistive Technology