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In 2012, the City of Glendale engaged architectural firm Gruen Associates to lead the highly anticipated renovation of the Brand Library, in partnership with Offenhauser/Mekeel Architects, specialists in architectural design in authentic styles. The $9.5 million dollar, two-year renovation project included long overdue seismic bracing; a new HVAC system; a new roof; new plumbing, data, and electrical systems; and real accessibility everywhere. Brand Library & Art Center reopened on March 27, 2014.

The Renovation in Pictures

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Information About the Architects

Gruen Associates is a firm with 60 years of experience in the Los Angeles community. Their projects include Pasadena City College Shatford Library, Union Station, Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Hollywood Bowl, to name a few. They were chosen for their strong team of architects, historic preservationists, engineers, and interior designers with a wealth of experience in all areas of the project.

Gruen will work in partnership with Offenhauser/Mekeel Architects (OMA), an architectural firm specializing in architectural design in authentic styles. Built from a love of the Los Angeles region and an appreciation of historical achievements, OMA infuses beauty and strong design into preservation projects. Landmark projects in Los Angeles include Union Station, the California Science Center façade, the Armory Building, the downtown Broadway department store, UCLA's Clark Library, and the 1932 Olympic Swim Stadium and Clubhouse in Exposition Park.


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