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The mission of the Brand Library Art Galleries is to offer visitors a professional gallery experience by showcasing a variety of styles and media of established and emerging artists that educate, enlighten, challenge, and enrich people’s lives. 



Vision Valley

Opening Reception

Saturday | MAY 5, 2018 | 6:00 - 9:00 PM

On View

MAY 5 - JUNE 22, 2018


Artists: Hayley Barker, Olivia Booth, Lindsay Brant, Aline Cautis, Ian Davis, Harry Dodge, Roy Dowell, Ryan Fenchel, Karin Gulbran, Shaun Johnson, Silke Otto Knapp, Spencer Lewis, Caitlin Lonegan, Shana Lutker, Adam D. Miller, John Mills, Olivia Mole, Adam Stephen Novak, Devon Oder, Adrian Paules, Hilary Pecis, Ryan Perez, Corrina Peipon, Lari Pittman, Iris Porter, Rachel Roske, Kathleen Ryan, Betsy Lin Seder, Nicolas Shake, Mungo Thomson, Kerry Tribe, Edward Weston.

Description:  Conceived and organized by The Pit, an artist-run gallery located in Glendale, Vision Valley features the work of 32 artists in a variety of mediums including painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, video, photography, and film. There are no conceptual, political, or philosophical themes upon which the exhibition turns, and it does not claim to distill a particular trend, aesthetic, or idea. Instead, what is on view is a diverse selection of works that are part of an ongoing, dynamic ‘multilogue’ between artists living or working in the specific geographical area of South East San Fernando Valley.

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 5, 6pm-9pm, FREE and open to the public. A limited edition poster has been designed, printed, and published by The Pit and will be available at the opening.


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