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Past Events 2015-2016

AFTA Productions, in cooperation with the City of Glendale Arts & Culture Commission and the Community Services & Parks Department presents a series of installation of the YOU ARE HERE temporary public art series.

Glendale Wings Train Station-with trainGlendale Wings

Colette Miller's "Glendale Wings" are the artist's first ever version of 'mobile wings' constructed out of reclaimed materials. Glendale Wings will be previewed at the Central Library Groundbreaking Celebration, July 16, 2015, and fully unfurled on August 29, at Cruise Night.


Take a selfie #GlendaleWings with Glendale Wings at these locations:

  • Glendale Transportation Center - Train Station Platform, through December 31
Download a description of Glendale Wings.

The stand incorporates part of a reclaimed basketball hoop stand enabling it to accommodate a variety of levels of height, enabling folks of all ages and capabilities to adorn themselves with wings. The actual feathers of the wings are constructed from reclaimed tire shrapnel, painted and sealed.

Colette Miller’s Interactive Street Art Angel Wings Project started in 2012 in Los Angeles and has since expanded with wings displayed throughout the U.S., Africa and Australia.   Thousands of people have taken pictures and posted via Facebook, twitter and instagram #wings worldwide. Her vision and concept for the wings is that we, here on earth can be the Angels, or “good”.

Colette Miller is a Los Angeles based artist combining her platform of fine art, film studies and global experiences to foster her artistic vision.  In addition to her interactive Angel Wing street art project she is directing a documentary in Kenya, Africa. She was recently featured in a Ted Talks X.

Alex TheatreRe-Entry Yarn Bombing Art Installation

Alex Theatre, 216 North Brand Boulevard
Installation On View: Wednesday, October 14, 2015 - January 5, 2016

The Alex Theatre continues its 90th year celebration by becoming part of the worldwide fiber art phenomenon. Re-Entry is collaboration led by Yarn Bombing Los Angeles with creative participation from local fiber art collectives including Glendale’s Jewel City Knitters, The Pasadena Crochet Group, Burbank’s Fiber Friends and independent artisans. This collaborative effort led by avid yarn whisperer David Orozco of Yarn Bombing Los Angeles includes work contributed by seventy-one individuals primarily residing in the greater Los Angeles area with extended geographical participation by crochet artists in Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Hawaii and Japan who mailed in their works.

Yarn Bombing Brand Library 21 Nov 2015You can find more yarn bombing... Brand Library & Art Center and Brand Park through February 5, 2016.  Read More>

Re-Entry is part of YOU ARE HERE, a temporary public art series curated and produced by AFTA Productions for the City of Glendale. The series is supported by the City of Glendale and the Glendale Arts & Culture Commission with funding from the Urban Art Plan.

Contributing Artists

David Orozco, Judy Richards, Darlyn Susan Yee
Janice Ogata, Silvia Mendoza, Beth Sterner, Joan Sauve, Jerene Thomson, Natalie Welts, Nicholas Welts

Mercy Azarcon, Alexis Bell, Tegan Bellamy, Janice Carter, Mara Cheng, Jean Choate, Kathryn Cobbin, Leighann Corbin, Sue Dietel, Erica Durante, Jennifer Fahy, James Jude Ferrera, Esther Finney, Liz Flynn, Amy Frey, Becky Goodman, Judy Gregory, Andy Hadwick, Julia Hartley, Ruth Head,Yolanda Hernandez, Lynne Hopper, Sarah Jung, Patty Kersting, Julie Kornblum, Jessica Lam, Diane Larsen, Bisi Lawal, Sheilah Levin, Stella Ligutom, Sylvia Lyons, Kristie Mach, Geeta Mande, Karen Semenoff McCuaig, Allie Moskowitz, Alice Neal, Nancy Nelson, Pat Olson, Diane Olson-Baskin, Niccole V. Osborn, Domenica Piumetti, Nancy Pyne-Hapke, Irene Rezaie, Glenid Rivera, Dolores Robles, Mary Rosales, Jocelyn Sia, Kathleen Smith, Jennifer Snoeyink, Kacy Treadway, Christina Tucker, Cristina Tueler, Evelyn Van Orden, Bonnie Vilchez, Nicole Wade, Kayla Waxman, Fumiko Wellington, Ginna Siman Wetherby, Maryam Will, Stefa Witt and Mariam Yonsset.

Water Finds A Way_You Are Here_ART from the ashes_AFTA Productions_Joy Feuer_Christian Ghantous_William Stranger-DayWater Finds A Way Community Labyrinth

September 18 - November 18, 2015, Perkins Plaza at City Hall, 141 North Glendale Avenue

Visit and walk through Water Finds A Way, a temporary art installation highlighting the significance of water. This unique collaboration between AFTA and local artists Chris Ghantous and William Stranger was created using reclaimed wood, stone filled Earthknit, glass mulch, and includes a solar powered “water” element in the center. It is a featured installation in AFTA’s YOU ARE HERE temporary public art series curated specifically for the City of Glendale. The series is supported by the City of Glendale and the Glendale Arts & Culture Commission with funding from the Urban Art Program. Watch a GTV6 video about Water Finds A Way.


“The Water Finds A Way Public Art Installation is a very unique way for our residents to learn and appreciate this valuable resource and what must be done to make sure we have enough water to supply our residents for many more years to come,” stated Steve Zurn, General Manager of Glendale Water & Power.

Glendale Picnic_Bridget Beck_You Are Here_Public Art_AFTA PRoductionsA Glendale Picnic

Bridget Beck’s “A Glendale Picnic,” a 19’ in diameter interactive steel sculpture with picnic seating and birdhouses, was unveiled on March 21, 2015. Attendees met the artist and enjoyed ukulele music by the Honolulu Avenue Strummers and Montrose Ukulele Jam.

See a GTV6 video about the installation!

"The sculpture isn't complete until people are actually sitting on it,” says YOU ARE HERE artist Bridget Beck, “I consider the community to be one of the materials in constant flux in my work.  It changes character with the conversations that inhabit all the spaces in between.  I've hidden secret narratives everywhere. A Glendale Picnic is not only full of actual verbal conversation, it also has a physical record of all of the days I've spent working on it.  I have created a personal physical language in all welds and the little bits and pieces." Bridget Beck is a Los Angeles based artist. She creates large-scale sculpture, drawings and community collaborations. She favors the use of reclaimed materials in her work.

About AFTA Productions

With expertise in fine art curation, set & show design, live performance, engineering, fabrication, artist relations, promotion, publicity and marketing, AFTA Productions (a community programming arm of ART from the ashes) has the capability to develop and produce diverse arts programming including temporary & permanent installations and special events.

The YOU ARE HERE series will feature work from local area artists that has been selected for exterior, temporary art installations focusing on Glendale’s arts & entertainment district, municipal district and sites of historic significance. The goal of the program is to enhance Glendale’s reputation as an arts destination, offer an engaging experience to residents and attract visitors from neighboring communities to discover and explore the city. YOU ARE HERE is a curatorial project supported by the City of Glendale and the Glendale Arts & Culture Commission, with funding from the Urban Art Program.

About the Glendale Arts & Culture Commission:

The mission of the Arts & Culture Commission is to enrich the human experience, reinforce Glendale’s identity and civic pride through arts and culture, and to recognize the importance of arts to our quality of life and to the local economy. This is accomplished by consciously integrating arts and culture into the daily life of the people of Glendale through urban design, planning, economic development, and education.

Visitors to Central Park receive three hours free parking at the Marketplace parking structure on Harvard with validation at the Central Library Loan Desk. Central Park is directly behind the Central Library at 222 East Harvard Street, and adjacent to the Adult Recreation Center and the Museum of Neon Art currently under construction.