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Beyond The Box is a utility box mural project supported by the City of Glendale and the Glendale Arts & Culture Commission, with funding from the Urban Art Program. There are currently over 100 painted utility box murals in Glendale.


  • Calls for artists for Glendale utility box murals usually go out twice a year.
  • You can follow the Library, Arts & Culture Department on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @myGlendaleLAC.
  • You can sign up to receive email notices from the Library, Arts & Culture Department and Brand Library & Art Center on the City of Glendale website. Read More>
  • Utility box dimensions vary.The utility boxes that are normally painted are approximately 64-68 inches tall, 33x24 inches wide. For boxes with an extra panel add 12 inches to the width to make the dimensions 64-68 tall, 33x36 inches wide.
  • For more information contact Ivonne Martinez, Library, Arts & Culture, at 818-548-2030 or via email.


April 11 - 13, 2019

The latest phase took place in a variety of Glendale locations. 


Phase 6 - August 11, 2017 - Glendale Avenue

The Glendale Arts and Culture Commission issued a CALL FOR ARTISTS to apply to paint murals on City of Glendale utility boxes on August 11 - 13, 2017. Thirteen utility box murals will be painted in downtown Glendale, along Verdugo Road, Monterey Road and Broadway. The CALL FOR ARTISTS closed on July 25, 2017.

Phase 5 - October 15, 2016 - Glendale Avenue & Colorado Boulevard

This painting date coincided with the GO-2016 OPEN STUDIO TOUR, a unique and insightful experience for all art lovers and visitors to meet a wide variety of artists and craftspeople in their studios, some of which are only open to the general public during this event. Stops included commercial and residential studios as well as public art throughout the city, including fourteen utility boxes which are part of the Beyond the Box program. 

Phase 4 - May 14, 2016 - Canada Boulevard, Grandview Avenue

Artists painted murals on selected utility boxes, including locations:

  • On Canada Boulevard between the Glendale/Canada intersection north to Santa Maria;
  • On Grandview at San Fernando and Kenneth

Phase 3 - May 2, 2015 - Brand Boulevard of Cars, Adams Hill, Foothill Boulevard

Artists painted murals on selected utility boxes, including locations:

  • On Brand Boulevard within the Brand Boulevard of Cars  District;
  • On Brand Boulevard near the Museum of Neon Art;
  • In the Adams Hill neighborhood;
  • On Louise Street near the 134 Freeway; and
  • In North Glendale on Foothill Boulevard.

Phase 2 - October 25, 2014 - Montrose

WhatWeCanMissHonolulu&WhitingWoodsSMEleven artists painted murals on Montrose area utility boxes to coincide with the Big Draw LA events throughout Los Angeles. The artists are: Michael Alvarez, Morgan Beck, Zack Brown, Miles Crosman, Arotin Hartounian, Jose Lozano, Dan Monteavaro, Victoria Rees, Arpine Shakhbandaryan, John Sumner and Katherine Warner.

The artists were selected from eighty-three entries by a committee consisting of Arts & Culture Commissioners, Library, Arts & Culture and City staff. The committee used the following criteria for selection: artistic excellence including quality of the art and artist originality; creative and innovative concepts in relationship to the theme of “The Big Draw;” and appropriateness for the nature of the space and the audience. See the 17 October 2014 article in the Glendale News-Press about Beyond The Box!

 Phase 1 - May 17, 2014 - Downtown Glendale

Twenty-six utility boxes were painted on May 17, 2014, during the City’s inaugural Utility Box Mural program. The theme of Double Take encouraged artists to paint murals to draw in the viewers’ attention to delve into the graphic of the mural, but also explore the meaning behind the mural and theme. The utility boxes are located along Brand Boulevard and Central Avenue between Colorado Boulevard and the 134 Freeway.

Read an article in the Glendale News-Press about Beyond The Box.

Emma Taylor Apr2019 Website 648x864

Emma Taylor Apr2019 Website 648x864

Emma Taylor Apr2019 Website 648x864