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 AHA -- Art Happens Anywhere!


The Arts and Culture Commission is accepting proposals from artists who would like to participate in its new AHA! Program. Artists of all artistic genres, art organizations, or schools may submit proposals.

The City of Glendale’s Library, Arts & Culture Department and the City’s Arts & Culture Commission encourage the expansion of arts and culture activities to benefit the citizens of our community, and to provide artists with new and interesting opportunities to share their art.

AHA! Is one of a roster of programs in the Arts & Culture Work Plan. Its specific purpose is to stimulate the public with non-traditional artwork, art experiences and performances in unexpected places. AHA! not only will delight the public with pop-up art, hopefully  engage people in social conversation. Through new art currency such as innovative use of technology, audience interactivity, and unconventional delivery methods, AHA! seeks to foster progressive attitudes toward art, artmaking and performance, and  to elevate the role of art in enhancing a community.

True to the AHA! theme, proposals are being sought for art in any City-owned public place. The artwork may be visual, musical, performance-based, social, experiential, environmental, sensory—all delivery methods will be considered.  The artwork may be a one-time event or installation, or it may be a series of events or installations. Public places include parks and recreation centers, the City Hall complex, libraries, streets and sidewalks, airspace, busses, transit stops, the Glendale Transportation Center, pedestrian passageways, and City-owned parking lots. Artwork must not impede the public right-of-way or access by individuals with a disability.

A total allocation of $30,000 has been budgeted for AHA!  Project budgets from $3,000 to $15,000 will be considered, with the expectation that higher cost projects would have longer lasting and further reaching impact.

Projects can be proposed for any time period. It is anticipated that some projects may be designed to work in concert with the holiday shopping season in Glendale, which draws millions of visitors to Downtown Glendale, Montrose and other commercial areas of the City each year.

Watch a short video about Glendale's Public Art Master Plan.


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