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43rd Assembly District Photography Competition

  • Submissions Open August 1 - September 30, 2018
  • Selections Announced October 1, 2018
  • Gallery Event - Friday, October 5 at the Adams Square Mini Park

Our district is home to an eclectic and diverse collection of neighborhoods and communities - each with their own unique identity.  All those things that make a neighborhood – the people, the buildings, the landscape – form the backdrop to our own story. Together, our collective stories define our district. Assemblymember Laura Friedman is calling upon our district’s photographers to go out and capture what the story of their neighborhood and community is to them – in a single image.

Submissions will be collected as part of a district-wide photography competition. Twelve photographs will be selected to be displayed at a gallery event hosted by Assemblymember Laura Friedman on October 5th, where she will announce five photographs which will be displayed at the State Capitol building and our District Office.

All ages and levels of proficiency are welcome to submit! Photographs will be judged on their ability to communicate, convey, and capture the story of the artists’ neighborhood and community.

You must be a resident of Assembly District 43 to compete. All formats (digital, film) will be accepted. Photo content must be presentable to general audiences; no photos containing violence, profanity, or other explicit subject matter will be accepted.

Submissions will be accepted by mail to the District Office as well as online beginning on August 1, 2018, at

Competition Rules and Guidelines

1. Entries must come from residents within the 43rd Assembly District.

2. Works must be submitted by the person who originally took the photograph.

3. Vintage photographs will be accepted if in compliance with the other rules, however more recent photographs will receive preference. It is suggested that the photos submitted be as recent as one year or sooner.

4. While color correction and blemish removal are completely acceptable - works that have been extensively manipulated (cloning, keying, brush tools, texts, rendering, etc) using software will not be accepted.

5. Works containing violence, profanity, or other explicit subject matter not suitable for a general audience will not be considered in the competition.

6. Works will be judged on the following criteria: Technique, Aesthetics, and their ability to capture the story and essence of their neighborhood or community within AD43.

Submissions will be accepted by mail to the District Office as well as online beginning on August 1, 2018, at

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