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Arts & Culture Commission

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The mission of the Arts and Culture Commission is to enrich the human experience, reinforce Glendale’s identity and civic pride through arts and culture, and to recognize the importance of arts to our quality of life and to the local economy. This is accomplished by consciously integrating arts and culture into the daily life of the people of Glendale through urban design, planning, economic development, and education.

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Arts & Cultural Plan
Adopted in 2013, the Arts & Cultural Plan is a comprehensive vision for arts and culture to be implemented over the next 5 years that reflects the community and defines strategies for City investment. This Plan sets the goals and priorities for the City of Glendale to best help the arts and cultural life of Glendale to thrive and to further identify the regional importance of Glendale.


Urban Art Program Plan

The Glendale City Council unanimously approved the Urban Art Program Plan at its meeting on August 14, 2018. The Plan will be used to inform future Work Plans and activities. Read the Urban Art Program Plan here.

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Arts and Culture Commission
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