Audit Reports

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Audit Report Date Issued
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Transmission Agreement Loss Accounting Audit 12/31/2019
Monthly Housing Subsidy Program Application Form Design Review 12/24/2019
Multi-Project Affordable Housing Lottery Audit (Phase II) - Lottery Process 12/24/2019
Multi-Project Affordable Housing Lottery Audit  09/26/2019
Cooperative Purchasing Agreements Audit 09/25/2019
GPD Property Room Audit 03/26/2019
Administrative Citations Audit 12/31/2018
Refuse Collections Revenue Audit  12/21/2018
Fire Prevention Bureau Operational Audit  9/27/2018 
Transformer Shop Inventory & Controls Audit  6/29/2018 
Homeless Programs Operations Audit  6/28/2018
CDBG Financial Ratio Calculation for FY 2018-19 Applicants 2/7/2018
IW Employee Incentive Program Audit 12/21/2017
Development Impact Fee Audit 12/14/2017 
Records Management Audit 6/16/2017 
Marketplace Parking Garage Agreements Audit 6/14/2017
Glendale Police Department Recruiting, Hiring, and Backgrounds Audit 5/30/2017
Election Defined Procedures  5/19/2017 
FASTER Fleet Asset Management System Audit 4/27/2017
CDBG Financial Ratio Calculation for FY 2017-18 Applicants 2/9/2017 
Grant Administration Limited Review 11/9/2016
Public Benefit Programs Audit 6/22/2016
Natural Gas Contract Audit 4/18/2016
Fats, Oils & Grease Control Program Audit 3/7/2016
Comparative Data Analysis on Law Enforcement and Fire Protection Services 2/25/2016 
CDBG Financial Ratio Analysis for FY 2016-17 Applicants 209/2016
Parking Meter Shop Operational Audit  8/19/2015 
Disbursements and Duplicate Payments Audit 7/23/2015
Election Defined Procedures Report 6/17/2015 
Central Library Potential Contractors' Financial Ratio Analysis 4/30/2015
Glendale Sports Complex Cash Handling Audit 3/25/2015 
CDBG Financial Ratio Analysis for FY 2015-16 Applicants 2/10/2015
Fire Line Credit Refund Audit  1/12/2015 
Building and Safety Division Inspection Section Audit 12/15/2014
Affordable Care Act Implementation Status Report  9/30/2014 
Meter Shop Inventory and Controls Audit  9/26/2014 
Payroll Operational Audit  9/25/2014 
Water Rate Increase Implementation Limited Scope Audit 9/22/2014 
Los Angeles-Glendale Water Reclamation Plant Operational Audit  8/19/2014 
Mobile Device Operational Audit 6/30/2014
Water Rate Redesign Implementation 6/18/2014 
Fire Department Overtime/Compensatory Use & Cost Analysis 6/4/2014
Workforce Demographics Update 2004 to 2013  3/24/2014 
CDBG Financial Ratio Analysis 2/26/2014
TeleStaff Work Scheduling System Interface Audit 1/16/2014
Workers' Compensation Performance Audit 12/19/2013
Property and Evidence Property Review 12/18/2013