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Pairing Internal Audit and Innovation

The Department of Innovation, Performance and Audit (IPA) serves as an in-house consulting and auditing team. Our Internal Audit Division provides independent and objective performance audits of City operations. Thus, Internal Audit is entrenched at the core of the City’s operations, which makes it an ideal platform upon which to develop new innovative processes. The structure of the new department allows synergy between the audit and innovation functions by pinpointing areas for improvement, identifying improvement ideas and transforming the ideas into practical solutions. Our two divisions are:


Internal Audit looks at risks facing the organization and the steps being taken to effectively manage those risks. They are not designed to assist departments in rectifying identified issues. The new “innovation” and “performance” components were created to complement this constraint. The Innovation & Performance Division will take output from the audit team and combine it with meaningful performance data. This data will be combined with contemporary research extracted from academic journals, market studies, industry literature, publications from technologists and futurists, observations from hackathons, as well as a host of other resources to help put in more meaningful solutions.

Our motto is simple: Improve City operations through independent audits, data, and innovation.

Staffing Structure

The department is made up of two teams overseen by a director: Internal Audit and Innovation & Performance. The two teams work closely together, yet each has distinct projects, research methods, and priorities. The Internal Audit Team consists of an Internal Audit Manager, two Sr. Internal Auditors, and one Internal Auditor. The Innovation & Performance Team is staffed by an Innovation Project Manager, an hourly/part-time Analyst, and two hourly/ part-time Interns. An illustration of the structure is below:

 org chart transparent


The City has a cadre of specially-trained employees scattered throughout the organization that will be called upon to participate in select innovation initiatives. These employees have either graduated from the Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Academy through Glendale Community College’s Professional Development Center or led internal innovation efforts through Glendale Innovation Team (GIT) aimed at revamping City processes or programs.

Innovation cannot be an afterthought in a modern organization. Innovation teams are increasingly becoming a hallmark of progressive and forward-leaning organizations, both public and private. Through IPA, we can embrace contemporary practices and streamline the public process to better assist our stakeholders.