About the Department  

The Department is a central support department providing audit and consulting services to City operations and is comprised of two divisions: Internal Audit and Innovation & Performance. The Internal Audit Division provides unfiltered, independent and objective performance audits of the efficiency and effectiveness of City operations and programs, and provides advisory services regarding topical policy and management issues. The Innovation & Performance Division is responsible for collecting and analyzing meaningful performance data, developing or improving processes and regularly monitoring them for effectiveness. 


Why Now?

We have experienced a reduction in the workforce over the last 5 years and so we must work smarter to meet our community’s expectations. Service delivery is being impacted due to the development of new business tools. Our team will explore new ways of delivering service with a reduced yet smarter workforce. 


Innovation Around Us

We are inspired by neighboring cities (Los Angeles, Long Beach, and West Hollywood) that have successfully established innovation teams (i-teams). Where our department differs from other i-teams, is through incorporation of the internal audit function. We recently joined the West Coast Regional Innovation Network to learn from other i-teams all along the west coast.  


What Does The Innovation Process Look Like?

Innovation starts with an idea. Many ideas go into the “idea bank”. Some get assessed, fewer get developed, even fewer get tested, and in the end, only one or two ideas may ultimately get launched. 

innovation funnel

Department Description: