About Human Resources

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Mission Statement

To maximize the effectiveness, productivity and performance of the City of Glendale's human resources through the development of a workplace environment that is responsive to the needs of the organization and its employees.

Department Description

The Human Resources Department is responsible for all employment services for the organization including recruitment and testing, employee relations, employee benefits, training and development, occupational safety, workers’ compensation and employee health services. The Department also serves as staff to the Glendale Civil Service Commission which is responsible for ensuring the principles of merit are maintained in the hiring, staffing, and retention of City employees.

The Human Resources Department is organized into four (4) divisions:

  • ¨ Human Resource Administration
  • ¨ Benefits Administration
  • ¨ Employee Health Services
  • ¨ Risk Management (Workers’ Compensation & Employee Safety)

The Human Resources Administration Division administers the Civil Service system involving employee recruitment, selection, placement, and classification of employees. The Division develops and enforces personnel policies and procedures based on Federal, State and local legislation relating to employment matters. In addition, it manages the City’s employee relations program including the negotiation and administration of labor contracts and resolution of employment issues; it also provides advice/counsel to managers and employees on workplace issues, in addition to career coaching and counseling. Employee Training and Development is also included in the Division which provides training and development opportunities to employees through the Glendale University Training and Development Program, Glendale Supervisory Academy, Glendale Leadership Academy and ongoing training needs assessments.

The Benefits Administration Division oversees the provision and administration of benefits programs to employees. Services include the full range of health benefit programs including medical, dental, vision, long-term disability and life insurance programs for eligible employees, dependents and retirees. The Division works with the City’s insurance broker and Health Benefits Committee to aggressively negotiate the health benefits renewals with the major insurance carriers in an effort to maintain quality benefits programs at a reasonable cost. Additionally, the Benefits Administration Division regularly engages with retire employees on these matters through the Retiree Health Insurance Advisory Committee.

The Employee Health Services Division coordinates a full range of regulatory compliance examinations and applicant and employee physicals to insure that employees are safe, healthy and fit to perform the essential functions of the job. The Division also insures compliance with State and Federal law including the FMLA and ADA interactive process. It also provides a wellness program for employees, including monthly “Brown Bag” training programs. Additionally, the Division coordinates the voluntary and mandatory components of the Employee Assistance Plan.

The Workers' Compensation Division provides professional, competent and timely claims service to injured employees to reduce the number of work days lost due to injuries. The Division’s goal is to insure injured employees receive proper medical care to attain all of the benefits they are legally entitled to receive.

The services of the Employee Safety Division include ongoing inspections of work facilities and equipment, as well as safety training in order to reduce and mitigate injuries, loss and liability. The Division is also responsible for accident investigation and compliance with Cal/OSHA regulations.


Our Values

Integrity – We will strive to maintain the highest professional and ethical standards to ensure trust and credibility in the performance of our mission.

Fairness – We will treat all people in an equitable, dignified and unbiased manner.

Responsible Resource Management – We will serve the organization through product use of available resources.

Customer Service – We will provide friendly, efficient and competent assistance to all our customers.

Teamwork – We will promise and foster a spirit of cooperation and teamwork among our diverse workforce.

Sensitivity - We will provide services with a sense of empathy, friendliness, accessibility and care for the needs and feelings of our customers.

Responsive to Change – We will proactively manage change with an open mind; seeing it as an opportunity to improve the organization.

Human Resources Development – We will meet the short and long term needs of the organization through the progressive development of our greatest asset, our employees.